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9 Things Every Online Gamer Ever Can Relate To

Online gaming is on the rise and why not? It provides for a great social experience as well as is a great way to take out your frustration on real people without causing any real harm! If you are a online gamer, you will definitely relate to these situations.

Here are some things every online gamer can relate to:

1. Waiting in the lobby

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This builds patience and you gain some personal time to decide out your strategies and/or builds you will be using in your game. Once you join a match sometimes this can be frustratingly long as some player has connection issues on their side or sometimes a player doesn’t join and so the match gets abandoned.

2. LAG!

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Rightly said, lag is a gamer’s worst enemy! And there’s hardly anything you can do about it which makes it even more frustrating and suddenly your team mates start calling you noob for a fault that is nowhere related to your gaming skills. Argh!

3. Verbally insulting the other team

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Admit it, we have all done this. Verbally abusing the other team mates for being noobs is one of the most satisfying feelings while playing online games. It gives you a kind of self boost to play better than the opponent team and builds a great confidence for your team.

4. Appreciating someone playing well

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And we as gamers know when to appreciate when someone is playing well. After every match, even if we lose and the opposite team played good we always mention “well played” or “good game” at the end.

5. Making fellow online gamer friends

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It’s simply amazing to see that we are connected to each other with the power of Internet and we can make friends from any corner of the world just by sitting at our home gaming! And the bond created through gaming is one of the bestest ones ever!

6. Reporting that one annoying noob

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There’s always that one noob who ruins the entire match and feeds the opposite team. So frustrating!

7. Discussing strategies while in-game

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Coordinating with fellow team mates through chat and planning strategies builds a sense of team spirit while playing a game and it really makes the whole gaming experience more awesome.

8. Losing connection mid-way

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The most frustrating experience to go through is to lose your connection when the match has started. Sometimes you can also get a penalty for leaving the match because of this and get shifted to the lower priority queue!

9. Explaining your mom that online games can’t be paused!

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My dinner can wait mom! This is the most toughest argument at every online gamer’s home.

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Nikhil Malankar
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