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Unbelievable And Unsolved Mysteries Of All Time

Mysteries and mysteries everywhere. All of us like to read about mysteries and sometimes solve a few too. But what when the top detectives and crime investigation teams fail to solve these?

Below are listed a few mysteries which are bizarre and old and have been unsolved since ages, do you think you can solve either of them? Give it a thought.

1.Dead girls in the drum:

In 1985, a metal drum containing the remains of a woman and young girl was discovered near New Hampshire’s State Park. The two were related in some way but they were never identified. Fifteen years later, another metal drum was discovered a few feet away this one contained bodies of two more young girls, one of whom was related to the people found in 1985.

2.The Wow signal:

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The Wow! Signal gets its name from the signal’s discoverer, astronomer Jerry R Ehman, wrote the “wow!” on the side of the printout containing it. So what got an astronomer excited enough to use an exclamation mark? The answer is an unexplainable radio signal that may point towards the existence of extraterrestrial beings. Despite many attempts, the signal has never been found again

3.The Max Headroom Broadcast:

murder, mystery, crime, unsolved, facts, history, creepy, cases

Seriously, this video will spook you out. A Reddit user claims to know those involved. On 22 November 1987, during an episode of Doctor Who, a Chicago television station had its broadcast hijacked. What followed was a creepy video involving an unidentified man in a Max Headroom mask.

4.The Vyonich Manuscript:

murder, mystery, crime, unsolved, facts, history, creepy, cases
Image:Paris Review

The vyonich manuscript is a hand written book that illustrates  diagrams and drawings of 15th century. It’s written in an unknown language and translators have attempted to decipher the meaning of this book but have had no luck yet.

5.Suicidal dogs:

murder, mystery, crime, unsolved, facts, history, creepy, cases

The bridge of death or the Overtoun Bridge near bumbarton Scotland holds a mystery of nearly 50 dogs leaping off the bridge and dying. The dogs that jumped this  50feet plunge and survived would come back for a second attempt.

6.The Isdal woman:

murder, mystery, crime, unsolved, facts, history, creepy, cases
Image:The Lineup

On a chilly November day in Norway’s Death Valley, a hiker discovers the charred remains of a naked woman at the end of a remote hiking trail. Is it a tragic act of suicide or a brutal execution? Decades later, the Isdal Woman mystery continues to transfix investigators across the globe.

7.The green children of woolpit:

murder, mystery, crime, unsolved, facts, history, creepy, cases
Image:The Curious Rambler

In the 12th century, two green children mysteriously appeared in the town of woolpit in England. Both the children looked normal except for a bright green coloured skin. The boy died but the little girl grew up and lost her colour and when asked she said that she and her brother came from a place called St. Martin’s underground world where everyone is green.

8.The Mystery Of Kuldhara:

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A beautiful village about 20 kms away from jaisalmer is inhabitant since ages. There used to be villagers around but none of them  are to be seen anywhere. What happened to the village and its entire people, how come all of the fled or did they disappeared? The mystery still is unsolved.

9.DB Cooper:

murder, mystery, crime, unsolved, facts, history, creepy, cases, Mysteries

A man identified himself as Dan Cooper and boarded Northwest Airlines Flight 305 to Seattle on November 24, 1971. He sat in the last row of the plane, lit a cigarette, ordered a bourbon and soda, and passed one of the flight attendants a note. The note stated that he had a bomb and he wanted her to sit beside him. When she did, he opened his briefcase and showed her a mess of wires, a battery, and red sticks. He said, “I want $200,000 by 5:00 pm. In cash. Put it in a knapsack. I want two back parachutes and two front parachutes. When we land, I want a fuel truck ready to refuel. No funny stuff or I’ll do the job.” The flight attendant gave the instructions to the captain, and Cooper’s demands were met when the plane landed in Seattle. The passengers were released, and the money and parachutes were carried on board. Cooper told the captain to get the plane in the air again, fly to Mexico City, and keep the plane’s altitude under 10,000. Then, Cooper strapped the cash to his body (after giving some away to the flight crew), attached himself to two parachutes, and once the plane was in the air, he opened the back seat of the cabin and jumped out. That was the last time cooper was ever seen, no one knows what happened. DO YOU?

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