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Best Travel Getaways Near Mumbai For A Bike Ride

Most of the people who are passionate about bike rides have this quote in their minds” 4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul.” Well yes that is the truth bikers live by. Road trips are no doubt an amazing way of transport and travel, but well, when you are traveling in a car you actually caught up or rather confined in it. Hence the above mentioned quote came into existence as riding is all together a completely different experience.There are may place around mumbai which are amazing and alluring for bike rides. Thinking about Lonavala(HELL NO)? Well my fellow readers and my fellow passionate bikers, listed below are a few places around mumbai where you can go for a refreshing bike ride or a weekend getaway enjoying the beautiful views around you.

Malshej Ghat:

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Also know as the bikers paradise, Malshej Ghat is known for its beautiful roads and amazing waterfalls. not to mention but the water falls on top of the roads and on top of you as well. If you are much of biker who loves to lean and corner the tarmac ride to Malshej anytime but monsoons. If ypu are biker who loves to get wet and chase the rain the monsoon is the right time to hit Malshej as the curves and the roads are surrounder with lush green mountains which contain lots of small and huge waterfalls. Distance from mumbai: 126 kms one way. Bird watching and a few forts are there nearby which can be visited. the most beautiful attraction nearby is the Joga dam. Trekking and rock climbing is a regular activity done near the Harishchandra Fort and Ajoba Hill Fort.


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A 200km bike ride through a route full of twists and turns will take you to the Murud beach. You can chill out while gazing at the star-lit night sky amidst a sexy, cool breeze. Next morning, take a swim in the ocean, try riding your bike on the half-wet beach sand and proceed towards other beaches like Karde, the busy fishermen coast of Harnai and the beautiful and secluded Anjarla.The best part about the route is that its an unexpected route for example, while ridinig towards dapoli you take a turn and suddenly see a beach which has white sands and blue water, these panoramic scenery is to die for.

Pelhar Dam/Lake:

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This dam is extremely close to Mumbai and is ideal for a one-day ride. At just 57 km from Mumbai, the Pelhar lake is located in the Pelhar Village, about 3 km away from Vajreshwari(Off Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway). There are various waterfalls located near the Pelhar Dam and is mostly visited by tourists during the monsoon season. This reservoir is surrounded by the Tungareshwar mountain range and is known for lush green forests and large grasslands  which are rich in wildlife including foxes, wild boars, hare and leopards (that can be spotted from the dam itself if you are lucky enough). Do get on the grasslands and take pictures to make your friends jealous.


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Love beaches and love camping too? Well you have the perfect place for a perfect combination. Located nearly about 120 kms from Mumbai, Revdanda beach shares its coast by the famous Alibaug beach. The best place about Revdanda is the location as it is a little far away from the hustle and bustle of the locals and tourists. Camp in the night and hike to the Revdanda fort next day morning to witness the most beautiful sunrise.


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Do no go with the old fashioned name(As said by Shakespeare “Whats in the name?”) this place is also known as the Paraglider’s Paradise. Just 120 kms away from mumbai and 15 odd kms away from lonavala lies this beautiful place covered with facinating and breathtaking mountains and hills. Not just paragliding or mountains, this place holds the beautiful caves of Karla, Besda and Bhja.

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