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A Little Insight Into History : The Reagan Version

When your hobby is bi-continental, like Ronald Reagan’s, telling jokes crosses ‘oceans’ and surpasses becoming mere anecdotes shared at a dinner party to keep it amusing. Add the post of the President of United States of America to it, and you have a funny speech in the making. This video is proof that even Presidents have a sense of humour which does not involve nuclear weapons and controversial statements. No, this is pure humour shared by erstwhile President Ronald Reagan in good faith about the erstwhile USSR, with a hint of pride in his voice at having defeated them, but since both of them are erstwhile now, no harm done. Some people collect coins, others collect stamps, antiques and Mr. Reagan collects jokes. Well, it can be safely said that people have different tastes.

Unusual hobby of Ronald Reagan, albeit a funny one. This will leave you with quite a few laughs and brush up your 10th grade history syllabus quite nicely.

One has to admire Mr. Reagan’s tact however, for displaying the tiresome negotiations with the USSR and the war which was almost at USA’s doorstep, with such ease, hidden under many such witty jokes. This was the period of Cold War, and the whole world believes that Ronald Reagan won it for The States.

Who is this Gorbachev he mentions in the video, you may ask…..Well, it is the subject of his jokes and none other than the then General Secretary of the Communist Party, Mikhail Gorbachev.

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History and Politics enthusiasts, for whom gossip consists of discussing and berating over the many policies acted by such world leaders that shaped the world as it is today, instead of who is going out with who and who wore the same dress at a different party, well, this is quite a treat for you (Judgemental-ness alert, gossip for nerds, just saying).

You’ll be interested to know that at the Reykjavík Summit, a summit held between the two dynamic leaders, the conversation turned sour at the last minute, but gradually contributed to the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union. Sounds like a major, ‘branded’ version of the same- failed negotiations and treaties between India and her ex, Pakistan; same diplomatic strategies resulting in a toxic end in what are labelled as ‘Third World Countries’. Hence the reference to it being ‘branded’. But whether you like Oscar de la Renta or Anita Dongre, stocked nuclear weapons still look the same, whatever label you put on them.

Robert Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, Russia, Politics, politician, fun, video, humour, jokes, satire, funny, speech, President, United States, Political, World, laughter
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This summit came very close to erasing the existence of nuclear missiles on both sides, but missed gold at the last moment, and settled for silver in the later years. But just imagine being told jokes to you about your people at extremely serious meetings about human rights and arms control, I think Gorbachev is really underestimated here. President Reagan, you have made Wonder Woman a very angry person. She doesn’t take war lightly, you know.

These jokes, as witty as they maybe, are quite insightful of both American and Soviet history, and goes to show what fine actors these two leaders were, except Reagan, he was a real one, not ‘joking’. Only this time, the whole world was his stage, and this clip shows us a humourous side of the dark and complicated Cold War.

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