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Different Ways People React To Monsoon Season

Monsoon season is the season of  water, wind, and greenery as the monsoon sets its peak. Many people love rains, but not all of the people like the rainy season. Different people have varying reactions to the cry of the heaven – Monsoon Rain. Let us look at some of these reactions.

1. Disgust in rain

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Some people feel sulky and disgusted by rain and feel messy due to it. The only thought they have is- Why does the sky exist at all. I hate rain.

2. Intensely in love with rain

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Some of them are obsessed about rain and their love towards it. They fall so much for this rainfall that they have no bounds or measures of their happiness at the times of rain.

3. Saddy Maddy

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Some people get saddened by the rainfall and do not feel like getting out of the bed. Even if they do, their reaction is- Rain Rain go away.

4. Romantic monsoon

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Rainy season is the most awaited time of the year for the love birds as it is the month of fresh beauty rising on the earth’s platform. It is the best time when couples can come out of their shells and enjoy in the rainfall. A chance for them to say- I have fallen for you like this rain falls for the earth.

5. Pure happiness

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The only thing that the human beings seek today- Happiness and Peace. The natural rain brings with it immense pleasure and satisfaction for the ones who understand the power of this virtue.

So do you like rain? Or you don’t? And we are sure you could relate to these reactions and aspects of rainfall.

smile in rain
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Enjoy the Monsoon.


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