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Delhi Police To Take Action Against Dhinchak Pooja For Her New Song ‘Dilon Ka Shooter’

The self-proclaimed cringe-pop queen Dhinchak Pooja is sure setting a new genre in the music industry called ‘Please die listening to these’ with her unusual songs like ‘Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj’, ‘Daaru Daaru’, ‘Swag Wali Topi’ and if you’ve been a die-hard follower of her career, then how can we miss her latest release, ‘Dilon Ka Shooter’. The video of the song gives us a gist about a street of Delhi, shot in different angles. All she does is keeps on riding her scooter, without a helmet from one place to another, which technically looks the same.

Now that she wasn’t wearing a helmet in Delhi, riding on the streets and creating a havoc, there had to be an issue created on the same. A concerned gentleman complained to Delhi Police on Twitter about a random lady riding through the area of Surajmal Vihar and singing loud songs.

Mohit Singh wrote to Delhi Police saying:

Delhi Police replied to Singh asking further details:

Singh’s reply:

After learning all the details, DelhiPolice assured Mohit of a rigid action:

We’re finally happy that Delhi police is finally going to take some action against such a disaster. Not for her songs, but at lease in some or the other way, it is high time Pooja ought to know that she is not Dhinchak, and people are trolling her, not ‘Dhinchuking’ over her songs! With her so called rising fame, she should’ve been more careful about this.

And meanwhile, if you haven’t seen Dhinchak Pooja’s latest video, there you go.


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