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Funniest Indian Twitter Accounts You Must Follow

Twitter is where millions of thoughts combine to become one strong voice, it helps to create awareness, rant about issues, gossip about politics or celebrities and what not. Twitter may seem a lot of work for some who don’t use it, but if you follow the right folks, then the whole thing can be a lot more interesting than Facebook or Instagram. It offers you a combination of all the genres: comedy, combination of satire, current events, pop culture, parody, unconventionally weird internet hilarity. All of this packages into 140 characters or less.

Picture Courtesy: SEOClerks
Picture Courtesy: SEOClerks

The following are the top 10 funniest Indian twitter accounts you should follow asap:

1. @gkhamba: Writer, comic, co-founder of All India Bakchod.


2.  @AksharPathak: Graphic Designer, founder of Minimal Bollywood Posters and Tweetard.


3. @KhapPanchayat: Parody account.


4. @Trendulkar: Not a parody account of Sachin Tendulkar.


5. @kamaalrkhan: Self-proclaimed actor, movie critic, producer.


6. @coolfunnytshirt: Account full of puns.


7. @awryaditi: Comedian.


8. @VintageBollyRxn: Amazing puns.


9. @BollywoodGandu: Super-hilarious.


10. @3DArnab: Parody account.


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