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Mohammed Shami – This Pakistani Fan Gets Into The Nerves Of Our Indian Speedster

Yes, we lost the Champions Trophy yesterday against our national and ever since rival – Pakistan. Indian fans certainly were highly disappointed, however on the other hand, it was a glorious moment for Pakistanis. We’re sure the firecrackers that they’ve preserved from years together were finally blasted yesterday. After all, it was their day, their ‘Mauka Mauka’ celebration. Having said that, when it comes to being against India and not appreciating our efforts, Pakistanis are ‘Baap’ of all. Post the match in which, Inshallah, the boys actually played well, a Pakistani fan annoyed the shit out of Indian speedster Mohammed Shami. After the post-match ceremony, when Indian Cricket Team were heading towards their dressing room, that fan shouted from the bottom of his lungs saying, “Baap Kaun Hain?” multiple times, which frustrated Shami to such a level that he literally approached the fan with frustration clearly seen on his face.

Had it not been M.S. Dhoni to calm Mohammed Shami down, he would’ve definitely given the fan a bang-on answer. Don’t believe it? Have a look at the video right here.

It pissed us off equally. While most of us Indians are truly appreciating the Green-jerseyed boys, such losers prove that even after winning the trophy, you’ve miserably failed to win people’s hearts. Folks, if you cannot stand with our team during their failures, do you think you have a right to be a part of their celebration? Why don’t we see the brighter side? India defeated Pakistan in our so called ‘national game’ Hockey by a terrific score of 7-1. Isn’t that amazing? Just like many of you, even I don’t follow Hockey. But trust me, I ain’t consoling myself. It is a game and ups and downs or winning and losing will be a part of it. Having said that, Pakistan, we still are and always will remain your ‘Baap’, not only in cricket but in every matter you come across.

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