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10 Unusual Ways Of Using A Hairbrush

There are so many types of hairbrush. There is this paddle brush, vent brush, round metal brush, comb (the only one which we know), teasing brush, wide tooth comb, rattail comb, natural bristle brush, synthetic bristle brush, round brush, detangling brush, wooden-bristle brush and the mixed bristle brush. All these various names and such variety freaked me out in the first place tbh. Have you ever thought of what these material things could be used for than their real use and how? We humans tend to underestimate every other thing. It may sound lunatic but a hairbrush could be used for a lot other things than just grooming or redefining our look. Few facts might as well freak you out!

hairbrush, hair, brush, satire, fun, sarcasm, humour
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10 unusual ways of using a hairbrush:

1. Window slit cleaner:

The vented brush or the metal round brush could be used for cleaning the dust off of window slit. So guys next time your mom assigns you dusting chore than try impressing her rather than running away.

2. Replacement for liner brush:

There must have been a time where you might have forgotten your liner pencil or brush or your brush i s just too old to use then you could use the tail of the rattail comb to point your liner perfectly. A little bit change isn’t harmful for anyone, isn’t it?

hairbrush, hair, brush, satire, fun, sarcasm, humour
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3. Maintains brow:

The round brush or the rattail comb could be used to brush your brows just in case you couldn’t find your brow pencil or brush.

4. There must have been a time when you guys are just too bored that you do the unthinkable:

Everyone of us at some point in life must have settled down the dust/fur of our old jeans/pants in a systematic manner using the comb. Even mens suit jacket could be brushed for shedding off dust.

hairbrush, hair, brush, satire, fun, sarcasm, humour
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5. There are days when you are too lazy to get up even for drinking water (happens with me every other day). So during such lazy hours the brush could be used to rub your back or toe or anywhere you feel itchy.

6. The paddle brush could be used to massage your back or foot with it’s hard bristles. You should seriously try it.

9. Do It Yourself  Brush Phone:

Yes, you read it right. Your old paddle brush which is of no use could be converted into a DIY phone cover for your Iphone or for any other phone. Plus it would help you to take amazing selfies.

10. Everybody dreams of becoming a rock star someday and you guys won’t believe but I literally imagine hairbrush as a mic and do a sing off.

hairbrush, hair, brush, satire, fun, sarcasm, humour
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