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Short Story: Morning In A Hostel


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Its 6:30 in the morning and you wake up to the screeching sound of a wooden almirah door, the flickering tube light  makes you stand on the verge of photophobia and you question everything from what hour of the day is it? Where are you? What is the purpose of your existence? Why was tubelight ever created? Bammm! comes the realization of being in a place miles away from the cozy comfort of your bed, your room, your house.

You check your watch in haste and then the time table for the day, they are NOT in synchronization!

Classes begin at 10:00 am, what on earth makes my roommate this optimistic with “dholi tharo” level of energy! You fake a smile and mumble “goo morng (mourning!!!!) with realizations like “duniya mei aye hai toh jeena he parega”, turn to the other side and try to absorb few more minutes of sleep just to be woken up by “vande matram” 7 in the morning! Is my roomie so patriotic? No rather my hostel is patriotic, because it will be my wake up alarm for next two years EVERYDAY! You remember the Big Boss house which played Bollywood numbers as alarm and here you are!

You see a dressed up roommate, you hear commotion in the corridor and you are left with no more alarms you can snooze. The pressure builds up, you give in to it and FINALLY drag yourself out of your hard new bed which gave you next to no relaxation last night. You find clothes to wear but you cannot find a sock, your soul screams for help but you are the one who has set your new cramped hostel almirah. Beloved roomie is now anxious for breakfast but is courteous for the lazy bum you are! You retaliate and zero down on the nearest available pair of socks.

Meanwhile dear roomie decides to kill time and talk to her mummy, You multi task while getting ready, packing your bag and simultaneously try to listen if she’s talking about how she’s placed with a sluggish brat like you, you cannot understand the language but decipher the emotion. It’s the same you are feeling ever since you moved out- of sadness and anxiety, she comes back teary eyed, you are emotional too. You want to comfort her but you don’t know how to do that. You try and indulge in (idhar udhar ki baatein etc) small talk and its already time to rush for breakfast. You run for the mess but you cannot find your keys. Its panic attack number 2 for the day! Dear roomie helps you look around, only to find them on the door already! Both of you burst into laughter, she teases you, you nudge her, lock the door and leave for a day full of excitement and anxiety attacks.

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Aastha Anand
Aastha Anand is studying in one of India's most prestigious institutes in Pune and is massively career oriented in her work.

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