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YouTube – The Evolution Of Business

As you all know it, YouTube today is the world’s largest video sharing website. People today spend a minimum of 20-30 minutes surfing on YouTube. It is huge, humongous even. There is so much of it. It started off in 2005, founded by PayPal members Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. YouTube has over a billion users now, and is the third most visited site. Today every other person has a new idea popping up and they start their channel and start uploading videos. Even the creepiest videos get views. The vlogging game started since Zoe Sugg started her channel, it included tags, collaborations, annotations, confessions and the ‘YouTube voice’.

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YouTube can make anybody famous, let’s take “Dhinchak Pooja”. Carry Minati roasted her videos like anything and still she got over a lot of views and is earning phenomenally well. It’s just like a good rags to riches story.

YouTube is mixture of all genres, as in music covers are uploaded, people roast each other, reaction videos are posted, educational videos such as CrashCourse are posted, etc. Today we can learn any and everything from YouTube, things have become much easier than they were before. I learnt all my makeup tricks through YouTube. Few channels are inspiration like ‘Josh Sundquist’, he lost his leg to cancer a few years ago but still hasn’t stopped vlogging yet. It has evolved so much, YouTube fanfests are being organised and the best channel artists are invited and it’s like this huge event just like any movie premier.

Youtube, youtuber, facts, satire, humour, fun, funny
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There are so many amazing channels like Justin Flom where it’s all about magic tricks, Devin SuperTram where you can watch all the stunt videos, Tal Fishman where he reacts to videos in a sarcastic way, and many more. From comedians to gamers to beauty vloggers, YouTubers have generally built their followers and has emerged as independent fan base. YouTubers seem like to be the next movie stars, except that it could happen be a normal person like me and you. It has become a legit way of earning money. Earning through YouTube videos is easy as once you start uploading and reach a payment threshold with a particular amount of viewers, you start earning. While doing research for this article, I found another piece on money-making YouTube stars from 2011, and the top earner was Shawn Dawson.

Youtube, youtuber, facts, satire, humour, fun, funny
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You get medals too from YouTube once you reach a certain amount of subscribers and viewers. The highest earner is Michelle Phan with a net worth of $50 million by posting makeup tutorials. I’m sure you must be strategising by now how you too can cash in on this YouTube gold. It is an avenue to riches which is accessible to just about everyone. It is a combination of sheer luck and talent. Not only you should have good quality content but also the content must be viewed by many, many users. You must be interesting, funny or creepy enough to go viral all over the world.

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