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The Curious Case Of Dhinchak Pooja

India has its own Taher Shah. By now we all know her name and her story of so called “fame.” She’s none other than the ‘Selfie Queen- Dhinchak Pooja.’ She’s soon going to be Youtube’s most liked ‘hated person’.

If Taher Shah did it for our terror sponsoring neighbour, India’s self grown youtube sensation (hate to use this word for her but it’s true) – Dhinchak Pooja is giving every horrible youtuber a run for their money.

Lyrics filled with random-uncool-idiotic-patched words that are rhymed forcefully at gun point and not to forget her ever so obnoxious vocal chords that have an absent ‘sur & taal’, which are so pathetically dangerous to your ears, will make you wonder – What’s so Dhinchak about this Pooja that she has managed to hit FOURTEEN POINT FIVE MILLION VIEWS (no kidding) as on date. And just as I am writing this article, the number of views are ever so increasing.

Dhinchak Pooja, Pooja, Satire, Humour, Youtube, Youtuber, Earnings, Idiot, Songs
Image Courtesy: YouTube

You might as well think this is a very rude and a lowly accounting of a person who has managed so many views on Youtube.
But honestly ‘Dhinchak Pooja’ is a true youtube sensation, for she manages to take away sensation from ones ears on prolonged listening to her music video. [P.S. – By ‘prolonged’, I mean more than 30 seconds].

The Curious Case Of Her BackDrop Dancers :

Dhinchak Pooja, Pooja, Satire, Humour, Youtube, Youtuber, Earnings, Idiot, Songs
Image Courtesy: CreateYoutube.Com

‘Madame Dhinchak’ might truly have friends who might be able to drop blood for her. Or perhaps listen to her songs completely which is an equilvalent comparison for the former i.e. dropping blood. I mean, just look at them! Look at their purpose of life, are they on drugs ? What on earth were they smoking ? Perhaps Delhi’s smog! Book Arvind Kejriwal if Delhi’s smog makes the youth do all this. How do I describe their existence? These backdrop dancers match their untimed-ugly-wannabe dance steps to their Goddess worshiper’s tunes.

There is an idiot who is riding Madame Dhinchak on his bike smiling in glee at the limelight or 2 seconds of fame on offer. There’s this dumbest fair guy I have ever seen [the dumbest after 2014 Lok Sabha elections defeat concession speech where a Political leader was smiling endlessly after his party lost] , who is ordering drinks and dancing only because his Cleopatra has commanded:

“Daaru Daaru Daaru hey
Daaru Daaru Daaru hey
Jo naa naache usko maaru”

Dhinchak Pooja, Pooja, Satire, Humour, Youtube, Youtuber, Earnings, Idiot, Songs
Image Courtesy: GazabPost

Even the word horrible is less horrible against the mad combination of ‘Madame Dhainchak’s lyrics-tune-backdrop dancers-video.’ All said and done, this Pooja has managed to get limelight with ease. Be it her facebook responses to fans who mockingly wish to appear in her videos where she responds proudly – “This is the official page of budding Rockstar Dhinchak Pooja and her team. We work only with professional singers. We do not work with random people”

If all this is true, then this makes for a curious case of Dhinchak Pooja. A research should be conducted on her psychology and what exactly goes on in her mind. Or perhaps ask Arnab Goswami to conduct a Frankly Speaking with her.

Image Courtesy: Reaction GIFs
Image Courtesy: Reaction GIFs

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