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Ten Times When Pakistani Cricketers Made Us Laugh Out Loud With Their English

Pakistani cricket team is under fire after getting brutally beaten by India. Pakistan team which once ruled the cricketing world is going under the bizarre period where they are not able to sustain the pressure and are falling apart in the race. Looks like Pakistani Cricketers have forgotten to play the cricket and instead, it appears that they are thinking that it’s a football ground. Pakistani Cricketers comes from a background with usually of less education, and their struggle is shown when they are interviewed. It’s truly believed that you should only speak a language that you can understand better, but Pakistani cricketers think otherwise. Pakistani cricketers should learn the language to avoid making fun of themselves in the international arena. There are numerous instances when they have made us laugh out loud with their funny English. Let’s take a tour of some of their hilarious English phrases, that they have spoken in interviews.

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Pakistani Cricketers And Their Funny English:

1. Umar Akmal Funny Interview

2. Saeed Ajmal’s Funny English

3. Inzamam Ul Haq Trying Too Hard

4. Saeed Ajmal Again

5. Umar Akmal Again Trying Too Hard

6. Kamran Akmal Funny English

7. Inzamam Once Again Trying Hard

8. Sarfaraz Ahmed And His Epic English

9. Saeed Ajmal Is on Fire Again

10. Inzamam Ul Haq Giving His All For English

After a whole lot of research, we have got these funny English speaking videos of some Pakistani cricketers. We do not disrespect any sportsman, and this video just contains some light-hearted contents. To be successful in life language can never be a barrier. Still, we are very much sure everyone will have a hard laugh on these videos. Till then, keep reading and don’t forget to subscribe us.

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