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Rajshri Marathi’s #JaraCleanComedy Random Gappa

“What do you keep talking about for so long?”, this is a question that gets asked to you and your best friend countless number of times. School teachers, mom, dad, brother, sister, neighbours, girlfriend or boyfriend, everyone has asked this question. However, did you ever try finding the answer for this? If not then don’t worry. Rajshri Marathi has got your back with their new web series “Random Gappa”.

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Image Credits: Rajsrhi Marathi

While talking to our friends we lose track of time and we discuss almost everything including current affairs to personal life. Sometimes we fight over some topic or bond over it. But while doing so we hardly realise when time passes us by. This web series “Random Gappa” answers that question by portraying conversations between friends. It is a day to day story of 2 friends.

Trailer Of Random Gappa:

This is the first web series by Rajshri Marathi and a one of it’s kind clean comedy which you can easily watch with your family. They have their official hashtag for this series as #JaraCleanComedy which signifies the clean element in their comedy.

You can find this web series on the official YouTube channel of Rajshri Marathi:

Here’s episode 1 of Random Gappa:

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