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Kanan Gill – The Comedian’s Latest Stand Up Is Out And You Can Watch It Right Here

Kanan Gill, one of the best and finest stand up comedians that we have in today’s generation has never failed to make us laugh out hearts out. With his dashing looks and a charming personality, humour comes as a bonus factor. Who wouldn’t simply fall for this all-in-one package? The best part about Kanan is that he picks up such topics to make us laugh on, on which each and everyone of us can relate to. Be it relationships or family or education or even reviewing a movie, this dude nails it all.

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Image Courtesy: Gulf News

Talking abut the topics that he picks up, Kanan Gill is back with another hilarious and entertaining act which focuses on ‘Explaining technology to parents.’ We already know how uproarious this is going to be. Let’s have a look at the video, without talking any further.

What did we tell you about him being one of the finest comedians? This clip is a part of Gill’s 1 hour comedy show “Keep It Real”, available on Amazon Prime Video. It was designed to be an hour and not separate clips, so head here to watch it for maximum enjoyment. It certainly is that difficult to explain technology to parents, especially in the very first go. And, if we get a tad irritated for repeating things time and again, they have a bucket full of emotional blackmails to empty on us. Don’t you agree, fellas? Have any such experiences of your own? Do mention in the comment section below.

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