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Why Ranveer Singh Is Nothing But A Charmer Of International Fashion Industry

Ranveer Singh is one of the very successful celebrities in today’s date. He has been in the media all the time, thanks to the girls lurking over him, his hot looks and of course his fashion sense. We all are used to seeing men in a particular fashion, hence this comes to you as something new, but let me tell you, this goes far beyond mockery. Ranveer Singh is usually seen in ‘skirts’ which is a word used by lay men, and has no shame attached to it. Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Gender ambiguity may be found in fashion, gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual lifestyle. It can also refer to one’s singing or speaking voice.If we can accept Usha Uthup with her masculine voice, or any another celebrity with effeminate traits, why not this?Lets all learn to accept and respect the androgyny trend, because we all know that carrying this off isn’t an easy task. Not as easy as laughing at someone!

Here are few examples in which we have to agree that Ranveer Singh slayed the Androgynous Fashion in true sense:

1) Ranveer Singh in a Rohit Bal outfit.

Fashion, Ranveer Singh, Androgyny
Image Source: Fashion101.IN

Can you imagine wearing a velvet blazer with a white flared kurta? Neither can I. But here he is, the man of style doing it right.

2) Polka Dot Man

Fashion, Ranveer Singh, Androgyny
Image Source: Pinterest

The actor looked fantastic in a polka dotted three piece suit from Dior Homme’s Fall 2014 collection.

3) In a light blue floral jacket, a classic apparel for the hot and sultry May summer.

Ranveer Singh, Fashion, Style
Image Source: Pinterest

Not a lot of men include floral prints in their wardrobe and it’s not easy to pull them off. But if anyone has the guts to don floral and rock it too, it’s Ranveer Singh with this pastel blue flower printed suit.

4) Kurta and a Blazer again!

Fashion, Ranveer Singh, Androgyny
Image Source: Pinterest

Confused between a kurta and a blazer? Why not both! Ranveer Singh teamed this draped dhoti with a blazer and looked absolutely stunning.

5) Man in a skirt!

Fashion, Ranveer Singh, Androgyny
Image Source: Pinterest

To the men out there, would you imagine going out in a skirt? This man just changed all the perspectives of our dress sense. We can now agree that he can carry of anything well, all thanks to his very talented styling team.

Sure his taste in clothes is edgy – but what has got the major heads turning was his temerity to carry flowy skirts, big floral prints, or a septum ring out in open. Without looking any less of a stud, Ranveer blurred the classic male versus female dichotomy in fashion world! Fashion is not following the trends blindly, its an individual choice and you know you have to stand out among others while slaying it in comfort.

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