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Top Enrique Iglesias Songs That We Still Love

Enrique Iglesias: a singer, song writer, actor and record person a.k.a a complete package with good looks that’ll wreck your heart. Enrique’s songs through the decades have been so popular and loved that they were a part of many people’s childhood.

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Truly this amazing singer has given us some greatest hits of all time. So today we are listing top Enrique Iglesias songs that still leave us grooving.

1) Somebody’s Me

This is a sad song that will make you feel all the emotions of losing someone.

2) Rhythm Divine

Rhythm Divine’s glorious melody will get you in the mood to fall in love.

3) I Like It

Not Kidding, this song used to be the best party anthem of 2010 and it is still as enjoyable as it used to be then.

4) Addicted

This song talks about the addiction and the pain that comes with it, put in some heartache and it’ll give you all the feels.

5) Tired Of Being Sorry

You won’t be tired of listening to this.

6) Hero

Hero was a song that instantly won people’s heart all over the world. The sweet, sensuous melody along with the beautiful lyrics will still make you fall in love.

7) Bilando

Okay, let’s be real this was the jam of 2014 and will definitely make you dance to its beautiful rhythm.

8) Taking Back My Love

This song was Enrique’s collab with Ciara and was released in 2008, yet it still manages to make us groove.

9) Heartbeat
Heartbeat was a song that was collaborated with Nichole Scherzinger that yes it does make our heart beat fast.

10) Do You Know

Do you know what heartache is? You will know after listening to this.

So which is you favorite Enrique song? Comment and let us know!

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