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6 Reasons Why Barney And Robin Were The Best Couple

We live our whole life believing that there is a special someone for each one of us out there. Well, Barney and Robin didn’t think so that they were ever going to find the “one”, and they ended up finding each other. The rest, my friends, is history.

They were the most awesome couple to ever exist. Forget Lily and Marshall or Chandler and Monica. We root for Barney and Robin, and here is why:

1. They Were Both Messed Up

Barney and Robin, HIMYM
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They were the most un-romantic awesome couple to exist. Even though Robin chose Kevin (her ex-therapist) over Barney at one point of time, it didn’t take her long enough to realise that it’s Barney that always sees through her. And Barney broke up with Nora just to be with Robin. Clearly, they are just perfect for each other.

2. Their Craziness Is Off The Charts

From smoking cigars to drinking scotch, they both have similar interests and shit. They both have been the most awesome and fun people throughout the series. Well, we never expected that they are going to sleep together and eventually end up getting married, but it was all worth it. They never believed they were made for each other, but they worked hard to keep their craziness and stupidity alive in their relationship, and that’s what makes them so special.

3. Barney And Robin Understand Each Other

Barney and Robin, HIMYM
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While Ted and Robin were a great couple, Barney and Robin were legendary. They accepted each other’s flaws and accept who they really are. While Ted wanted to have a future with Robin and have kids with her, Robin never wanted any of that. Moreover, she hated kids. That’s why they broke up. She never got any such kind of pressure from Barney. Barney never wanted Robin to be a perfect housewife or any such kind of thing. He loved Robin for who she was. He loved her so much that he even destroyed his playbook just to be with her. Heck, he even convinced Robin to marry him (As discussed in the next point).

4. Barney’s Proposal

What is the most cliche way of proposing a girl? Take a girl to her favourite restaurant, order her favourite food, bring the most expensive wine and then propose her, right? Well, Barney is not like that. He is the most awesome guy to ever exist. His proposal was so damn epic that even Robin couldn’t refuse to marry him. Well, she was in love with him, but come on, his proposal was probably the most unforgettable moment of H.I.M.Y.M.

5. Perfect Match

When Barney first slept with Robin, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He somewhat “caught” feelings for her. While in the process of denying love for her, his feelings for her grew only stronger. Well, the same happened for Robin but not as early as Barney. It took her some time to realise that Barney is the one she is in love with. Things happened, they confessed their love for each other and it led to their first kiss (as a couple) which was undeniably the best moment ever in the history of “How I met your Mother”. 

6. Barney And Robin Were Both Scared Of Love

Barney, NPH, H.I.M.Y.M
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Well, love is probably the scariest thing to ever exist (That’s just our opinion). It is scary af. Barney and Robin continuously tried to not get into a serious relationship. Well, their story goes somewhat like this: They got into a relationship, they couldn’t keep the spark alive. So, being two mature adults…they broke up. Wait, we are not finished. While Barney started seeing other people, Robin tried not to show her jealousy. But not so later, even Robin moved on and started dating Kevin. Only except, they both couldn’t move on and realised their true feelings for each other. Their chemistry was just too strong. Although they both have always struggled to show their feelings for other people, they somehow accepted each other and the love that comes with it, hence making them the most awesome couple of all time.

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