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Salon – Why Is Going To The Salon Such A Pain For Every Girl

Waxing – a painful hair removal process which mostly girls have go through. Hygiene is certainly the most important part of our lives, but at times, we’ve got some valid and some not so valid reasons to go to the salon and get themselves waxed. Trust me, once you’ve waxed or shaved, you feel as if you’ve lost few grams weight. But there certainly are some reasons why going to the salon is a pain for every single girl out there.

We understand your struggle and hence we’re back with another exciting article about why salon treatments can be a pain for every girl at times. We’re sure most of the girls would relate to this.

1. We’re bored

Salon, Girls, Pain, Parlour
Image Courtesy: Swathers and Manners

This one is real genuine. There are days when we feel so lazy and bored to even move an inch from the bed. Oh wait! Apparently, that day is called everyday.

2. The salon is so far

Salon, Girls, Pain, Parlour
Image Courtesy: Thatscoop

The salon is so far that one would literally require a passport to travel there. Okay, this one was pure exaggeration. But seriously, it is really distant from where we stay. So, maybe tomorrow?

3. Aunties!

Salon, Girls, Pain, Parlour
Image Courtesy: POPxo

Aunties out there, uhh! They are one creepy thing that we’ve ever encountered. They pull the wax strips off our bodies, removing all of their husband’s frustration on us. And not to forget, their extra, unwanted, special advice about trying Brazilian waxing. Why? Why you do this to us, aunty ji?

4. Unevenness

Salon, Girls, Pain, Parlour
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This thing is irritating as hell. If you have hair on legs, the hands are clean. If you have to get your eyebrows done, your upper-lips are totally shaved. Why this difference, Your Honour? Why?!!

Who else can relate to this post, ladies? Have any other reasons for not going to the salon? Mention them in the comment section below. And, do not forget to like and share our page. Till then, happy reading!

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