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What Happens When Dhinchak Pooja And Interstellar Meet? Find Out Here

This girl needs no introduction – she is the reason why people say ‘Think ten times before saying anything’. And we here are still trying to figure out why are we still existing after we pointed out what we hate about Dhinchak Pooja. We would again like to ask that what was even going on in her mind when she uploaded her songs? And who are these people who are ready to give her AUDI’s and costliest bikes and the permission to shoot? Who is ready to shoot videos for this nonsensical girl and her even more senseless songs? Why do such people exist? Why god, why?

But there is no doubt that the trollers on the internet have got a new and rather viral target to mock and ridicule just like in this troll where Dhinchak Pooja meets Interstellar shared by 99 Troll. Intrigued? Then see for yourself what happens when this opposite poles meet here:

Wherever you go you won’t be able to escape the extremely unpleasant and shrill sound of Dhinchak Pooja. But who would miss a chance at taking a gib at this girl who thinks she is some kind of rockstar and calls herself “Dhinchak Pooja”. No dude! Instead, you are giving the audience another example of beauty without brains and also at the same time making a mockery of yourself. Hell no, we can’t even call you a beauty.

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Image Source: Imgoog.cpm

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