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Top 20 Funny And Creative Indian Ads

Indian ads are not less than any overseas ads when it comes to creativity, and awareness towards social issues. Ads are the most effective and efficient ways to promote the products and services. The companies always try to make some ad campaign with creative ideas, which can lure audiences. To attract audiences, advertisers try to create some quirky and funny ads too. In this digital era, the ad market consists of an economy of about 50 billion dollars. A good publisher reduces the cost of the advertiser by reducing the cost of an effective and the prominent ad campaign. The Google, Facebook, Twitter are earning a huge amount of money by just advertising ads on their websites. The advertiser pays the publisher some amount based on per click on ads for their advertisement or based on some fixed revenue. Let’s see some of the funny and creative Indian ads.

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Let’s Start With Best Creative Indian Ads:

1. India’s Over Population

This ad is targeting the overgrowing Indian population which is funny, but at the same time has some good message hidden in it. Idea network always produces a variety of funny yet creative ads and it’s one of those.

2. No More Extra Charges

With the arrival of Jio network, the lives of peoples are quite easy these days because of the low cost offers its providing. This ad also depicts the same but with a message to not to cheat when you are in a relationship. Virgin mobiles create some creative ads and this is certainly one of those types.

3. Windows Live Hotmail

Windows from Microsofts are not behind when it comes to innovative ideas to promote their products. If you don’t believe us then watch out this ad.

4. Anything Can Happen

Well, if a magic turns you into an animal and again you want to become a man, make sure you have the right things at right time.

5. Marriage Side-Effects

You won’t stop laughing by seeing this ad of Kapil Sharma.

6. India-Pakistan Rivalry

The Rivalry between Indian and Pakistan seems to never end, which also affects the relations between the two countries. This ad depicts the same. It’s one of the best creative Indian ads.

7. Alpenliebe Funny ad

Got fewer marks? Then have someone to defend you. This ad shows the same, but in a funny way

8. Times Jobs Funny Ad

This funny ad will make you laugh a lot with its creativity.

9. Funny Ad From Somany

This ad creativity will definitely bring a smile on your face.

10. Tanishq Creative AdTanishq Creative Ad

This ad created some ruckus when it was released, but it’s one of the finest creative Indian ads.

11. Funny Camlin Ad

This ad certainly is hilarious, but with some message in it.

12. Fevicol Ads At Their BestFevicol Ads At Their Best

This ad is funny yet creative and will definitely put a smile on your face.

13. Behave Yourself Ad

This ad from The Hindu editorial is focused on the ruckus and drama in Indian Parliament.

14. Google Indian Reunion Ad

In this world of hate and compassion, this ad certainly brings some love. This ad would certainly bring tears to your eyes.

15. Micromax Unite Ad

This ad is creative yet funny and gives the message even after so many religions and languages we are Indian first.

16. M-Seal Have It Always

This m-seal ad is really funny and creative. It will bring a laugh on your face.

17. Vodafone Zoozoo Ad

Vodafone India’s Zoozoo ads are still in demand for their funny quotient with creativity. Let’s watch some of them.

18. Ariel’s Share The Load Ad

This ad is showing the juggle of a mother who is handling her personal and professional life and also gives the message that even each member of the family should come forward and help her.

19. Bajaj CFL Ad Targeting On Fairness Cream

This ad is funny, creative, and gives a message that only inner beauty matters.

20. Nescafe Funny Yet Emotional Ad

We come across a lot of disabled people, and we should never make fun of them. This ad shows the same but in a funny manner.

There are millions of creative and funny ads. We have brought a few to remember. Do share with us your favorite ones. Till then, happy reading.

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