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King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword – Review

Who makes the mighty so? Supporters. A king wont be one if he has nobody to rule. King Arthur, movie by Warner Bros. released on 19th May, 2017 and yes, it is a nice watch where we find some good shots and some bad ones hovering.

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King Arthur is in 3D, has nice picturisation, touching 12th century times. The pushing music gives a sense of authority and fills the air with zeal. People with video-gaming sense would enjoy this more than ever and do relate to the thrill this movie tries to depict.

But King Arthur has more flaws than we expected:

1. Ritchie sees this as one that will reflect our current contemporary sensibilities, and in that regard this go-round is very dismal indeed.


2. With rock music on the run, busy action scenes involving gigantic elephants and enormous snakes and creatures, overdone CGI dripping in special effects, this edition is devoid of any sense of romance, medieval splendor or wonder.

Image courtesy: pinterest
Image courtesy: pinterest

3. Scenes in King Arthur went unrelatable and unclear when the shots were taken from the present and future actions at the same time.

king arthur
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We still love the characters and their fantasical roles, especially the Mage who is the saviour of all.

king arthur: egend of the sword , the mage , king arthur
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Nevertheless, It was a good show with popcorns and smoothies added.

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