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6 Types Of Annoying Guys You Are Likely To Witness In The Gym

Gym is meant for people who honestly dream of having a killer body or becoming a builder or just staying healthy. But in reality it doesn’t stop there. There are many other kind of people or specifically the “boys” whom you are likely to witness in the gym.

And these people are here to do everything else other than what gym is meant for. Have a look at these retards.

1. The Over-confident

Image Source: MemesHappen

These guys are actually the most irritating of the lot. You will chance upon them rarely or you would most probably see them doing nothing. But somehow magically they still know anything and everything about gyming even more than the gym trainer – or more like they pretend to know. You would be just peacefully lifting weights when they would pop-out from no-where and tell you that “This is not the way you lift. Wait, I will show you”.

2. The Boaster

He would be the thinnest of all just like a single noodle but then too it seems he has the strength of the hulk. Because all you would ever hear from his mouth is:

He: You know what man?

Me: What?

He: I did 200 push-ups, 300lb lifts, 100 sets of bench presses, 200 squats. Can you beat that?

Me: So you were supposedly doing these at the same time when you were uploading a status “at the gym” with a selfie of your non-existential muscles and abs?

Image Source:

And the cycle repeats itself everyday. And funnily, the numbers are always more than what he bragged about yesterday. Dude, you would be in the hospital right now if you had really worked-out even 0.001% of all the exercises that you told

3. The Spoilt Brat

 Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest

Do you we need to say more after we have titled these guys as the “spoilt-brat”? Literally, we have seen a guy who comes to the gym wearing gold chains and some dude-masks on his mouth and on a Duke bike! Yes yes that guy. He has gone for the costliest membership available in the gym plans and is likely there to just show-off.

4. The Hog

 Image Source: Giphy
Image Source: Giphy

The guys who make such noises that you would be left confused whether they are here to use the loo or gym? Not kidding guys. They grunt so much while lifting weights or push-ups and they are in the pretext that they look like some beasts while doing it. But the reality is that they look more like the hogs. We just want to run away from them.

5. The Narcissist

 Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest

Seems a very odd and negative category, doesn’t it? But what better title to give this guy who is very much obsessed with himself. All he can do is stand in front of the mirror, play with his hair, check his biceps out (and is most likely to kiss them), click mirror pictures and videos of himself every 5 second- who do you think you are? We mean, the trainer would have the best body in the gym but then too this guy would think he has the best body in the gym. No! Don’t be that guy.

6. The Roamer

Roamer or Romeo – one and the same. I don’t know why they are in the gym when they plan to take strolls like they are in the garden. And the most annoying thing about them – their eyes never leave the hot girls in the gym and they are always trying to hit one or the other girl. Their gym schedule is something like 5 mins gym and a 30 mins stroll in the gym.

 Image Source: Giphy
Image Source: Giphy

Can you do us a favor and go to the bar instead? You would end up with a bleeding nose in the gym due to a punch by one of the girls if you tried your luck here.

Are you guilty of belonging to one of the above categories? Or do you notice these guys on a daily basis in your gym? Are you also tired and annoyed of them? Then tag them in the comment section and let them know. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe with us.

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