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Story About Rapper From Mumbai Vivian Fernandes A.K.A Vivian Divine

Rapping is growing in Mumbai also in other parts of India. It is now becoming a part of our culture as every one is coming up doing rapping. Many new rappers are getting platform and coming up with their hidden talents. Rapping is not just about spitting words, its about life, life of peoples, streets, struggle, rich and poor, culture, love, corruption. Artist try to say some fact or story in their rap. One such rapper is Vivian Fernandes.

Vivian Fernandes A.K.A Vivian Divine is well know rapper from Mumbai who admires Mumbai city. The words in his song describes the streets of Mumbai, the life of people in slum. This young man is born and brought up in the slums of Mumbai. He is not famous is Bollywood or many people might not know him, but he has made his name popular across the world. He keeps on going for International tour for his albums. He is getting a worldwide Apple Music release. Will he be the Slumdog of his street?

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Lets have a look on how Vivian Fernandes made his stand in this industry and got so popular around the world. A rapper from Andheri JB Nagar slums now has a big stand and smashing records.

Here is the story of Vivian Fernandes:

1. Vivian Fernandes wrote his first song in year 2011

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“Voice Of The Streets” Divines first ever song which went so viral in the streets was the milestone for his success.

2. “Yeh Mera Bombay”

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In this song he confesses his love for this city. No other rapper can describe the city so beautifully the way he did. Every Mumbaikars must listen this song.

3. Then Vivian Fernandes came up with another hit “Jungli Sher” mean wild lion

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This song went so viral as it was been shoot on iPhone 6s. You got shocked? Yes this song was shoot on iPhone 6s in his neighbourhood and he spoke about the streets he spent his childhood in.

4. He got many awards for this song including iTunes India and BBC Asia Networks. A boy from the streets just went rising because of his powerful lyrics.

5. “Mere Gully Mein”

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This duet of Nawed A.K.A Naezy, another fantastic rapper from the streets of Mumbai and Divine, came up with this hit song in 2015. Everywhere there was air of this song. “Meri Gully Mein” is a fun song describing the things happens in the slums of Mumbai. So if you haven’t listen to this song, make sure you listen to it very soon. It’s worth it.

6. Impact on society

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Every boy started using the slang which Divine came up with, Gully Gang 59, Boys from the Naka. He is very popular in his streets and his neighbourhood.

7. “Farak” was released in 2017

In this song he talks about his artistic life, also dedicating the same to his mother. This song made him more popular all over the world. A great composition with good music and powerful lyrics.

Vivian Fernandes has earned a huge respect and love from people across the world. Keeping himself busy in International Tours, a boy who didn’t complaint about his life but took himself out of that slump. Every word about him describes his life the way he grew up, the place he grew up, also about his family. He is on the way of success crossing milestones and ruling everyone’s heart.

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