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This Gujarati Version Of Humma-Humma Song Is So Freaking Hilarious

Gujaratis – They’re a very dangerous and different species on this planet. They could even travel to Mars, converse with Aliens and feed them Thepla, Dhokla, Fafda and Handwa. If you look towards Mars with a telescope, there would a Gujarati standing with a placard which would say – ‘Jignes Bhai, aavi jao!’ They can literally do any possible thing on this planet – from trembling the share market to gossiping about any random person to eating 24/7 * 365 days to playing garba on any freaking music to being utmost creative. Doubt about the creativity part? Check out this hilarious video of a Gujarati version of the very famous Humma-Humma song from Ok Jaanu and laugh your ass out. This will certainly make your day. Advice: Sit with a gujju friend for translations.

All the Gujarati Waydas in the house, this one’s especially for you.

What did I tell you abut their creativity? This concept is innovated by this amusing and entertaining group called THE GUJJU GROUP COMEDY SONGS. For Gujjus, food is bae. Rest all, ‘Haal be!’ Check out their Facebook page here for more such videos and posts. Had a blast? Share this video and make it viral amongst all the Gujaratis you know. They might even teach you garba on this.

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