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Why Game Of Thrones Is Actually A Terrible Show

What’s exactly the big fuss about Game of Thrones? Seriously, guys, world war III could happen, and the winter still wouldn’t have come. Maybe it would have been good in the beginning, but the producers are just dragging the show now. While many have praised the show, it is, in fact, a terrible show.

We will state the reasons why Game Of Thrones is a terrible show:

1. No Interactions Between Characters

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There is literally no character interaction. At least, not anymore. Everyone is in different parts of the world, with no one meeting each other anymore. It honestly feels like a Chess game now. No good dialogues, but just characters moving mysteriously around the board.

2. Retarded Fanbase

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The fanbase is just retarded. We will prove it to you. Next time you are attending a social event, just go around telling people that you are not a Game of Thrones fan. People will become aggressive, and heated by the fact that you simply aren’t a fan.

3. Offensive ‘White Savior’ Vibe

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Hey, here is a question? What do you do when you have to save a bunch of brown people from a tyrant? Simple, you throw a white woman in. Seriously man, “the mother of dragons” travels from slave-ridden city to slave-ridden city freeing the poor and super grateful minorities. It’s a shallow characterization that the show has employed ever since Khal Drogo’s barbaric Dothraki showed up cutting each other and raping anything that moved.

4. Good Guys ALWAYS Lose

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In real life, the bad guys win some and the good guys win some. Except that in Martin’s world, the good guys never win. All good guys die. Ned, Robb, Catelyn, Bran, all die. Heck, even Arya gets screwed. Martin is just a pure sadist.
Whenever he feels like his plot is losing its sense of direction, he just thinks “Fuck it, let’s kill someone”. Putting it simply, he uses the death of his characters as a clear substitute for plot development and for sheer shock value hoping that others will laud him for being “gritty” and “real”. That ain’t happening, mister. At least, not from our side.

5. Strongly Prejudiced Against Women

game of thrones
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Clearly, the show has shown the women reduced to a sexual stereotype. And we have proof. Remember when Cersei Lannister was paraded through the town completely naked while being pelted with faeces and cursed by the townspeople? Yeah, that was not pleasant, Martin. And not to mention, she was raped by her own brother before that. We don’t even want to get started on defiling of Northerner’s daughters. It’s almost like women are disparaged on a regular basis on the show.

6. Poor Acting

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The acting just sucks. It almost seems like Martin wanted to wrap up the shooting of the whole season in just one day. The only thing we see consistent throughout the whole series is Dinklage’s acting. Other than that, Baelish’s accent is just dreadful, Arya Stark is inconsistent, Sansa Stark is “wooden”, and Jon Snow is playing a less plain version of himself.

6. Just End It Already

Game of thrones
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Is anyone keeping a count of how many times has Dany lost and retook her own slave kingdom? Seriously, was there any harm putting the young queen in firm control of her land and sending her across the open ocean by the end of third or fourth season tops? At least, the plot would have gained some meaning. Moreover, the Lannisters languishing in the lap of power in the capital has been extended far beyond its enjoyment. Just show the end already.

8. The Whole Is Just Boring Now

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Honestly, when things started on Game of Thrones, every death was shocking, and every line dialogue was razor sharp. But as the plot moved forward, we saw zero character development, and focus shifted from story to gratuitous scenes of violence and sex, otherwise also known as Porn. After a point of time, even the retarded fanbase became immune to the shock, thus, degraded to a high quality and there was nothing left in the show except hopelessness.

So to summarise the whole post, it goes like: Incest + Zero Character Development + Bullshit Action + Retarded Fan-Base = GAME OF THRONES

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