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Bali: Must-Visit Places In This Achingly Beautiful Destination

There are some places on earth which offers you a great many places as tourist attractions and Bali is one of them. If you want to truly explore each and every tourist attraction here, you would need a stay of more than 2 weeks in Bali. But there are some among these attractions that have an alluring charm to it and deserve a mention in the must-visit

So here we are with some of the must-visit places in the achingly beautiful destination, Bali:

1) Kuta Beach

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It is no brainstormer that the beaches in Bali are the hot-spot of tourist attraction and Kuta Beach takes up all the attention here as it is considered the most famous beach of Bali and ‘The tourist Mecca of Bali’. The perfect time to visit this beach is in the evening when the sun is setting. Just imagine – a breath-taking sunset in the front, waves crashing at your feet, and a quiet and at peaceful atmosphere. Doesn’t that sound tempting? Haven’t you already imagined yourself enjoying at this panoramic Kuta Beach?

2) Mount Batur

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Active Volcanic Mountains are scattered all over the boundaries of Bali. And one such among them is Mount Batur. If you are the kind of person who is looking for an easy and small adventure and doesn’t mind a company of other such strangers, then this is where you should be. But make sure you are here before the sun rises as Mount Batur is what we call the sunrise point of Bali. If you are at the top as the sun is about to rise, then you are in for an awe-inspiring view. Try to ignore the pestering guides at the bottom because you are unlikely to get lost while hiking here.

3) Ubud Monkey Forest

 Image Source: AFAR Media
Image Source: AFAR Media

Have you ever watched a movie where in there is a scene located in the midst of an ancient jungle complete with moss covered statues and everywhere you turn your head all you see is monkeys? Do you want to experience the mystic feel in real? Ubud Monkey Forest or The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary acts as a project for the conservation of the Grey Macaques and as an tourist attraction. It will give you the whole mystic magical feeling while you are having a staring competition with the macaques. But be very careful of them because they are the naughtiest and aggressive of the lot.

4) Banyumala Twin Waterfall

 Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

Better known as the twin beauty due to the two astonishing waterfalls travelling parallel to each other as they merge with the natural swimming pool beneath it, Banyumala Twin Waterfall is just a beauty to admire. And a swim while you are there under the waterfall sounds so much fun, doesn’t it?

5) Pura Tanah Lot

 Image Source: YouTube
Image Source: YouTube

Pura Tanah Lot is a temple which has its foundation situated on rocky lands in Bali surrounded between a dazzling Indian Ocean. It is the most visited visited tourist attraction. If you happen to visit this place during the high tide, it may seem as if the temple is floating in the ocean and hence getting the name ‘Bali temple in the sea’.

Are you already in the spell of the magnetic and magical pull that Bali exudes? What do you think about it? Mention in the comment section the place you want to visit the most. And don’t forget to like and share this post and subscribe us.

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