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Why Batman V Superman Isn’t Really That Great

Batman V Superman was probably one of the most anticipated movies of the year  2016, but it really didn’t hold up to anyone’s expectations. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t great at all. In fact, what we expected to be one of the best movies of the century turned out to be one of the most disastrous movies.

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When your boyfriend wants it bad, but you have that time of the month.
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If you type “Batman V Superman” on Google, you will find 116 million posts related to it.That’s a fuckload of people talking about two fully grown adults, fighting because they don’t like each other. Even searching for “Kim Kardashian’s ass” gives you just 5 Million results (Go check yourself).

But the thing is, that not all of them say good things about this movie. In fact, the internet has not been this divided since this:

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The dress is blue and black and we stand by it.
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So is it really a bad movie? Well if you look at it statistically, it has a 28% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (That bad, huh?). They must have been really determined to fuck this up, right? Well, let’s agree to disagree. Warner Bros. had this in development since 2013 and was scheduled to release in 2015, but to make it better they gave it a whole year more. So why is almost every person on this planet not in love with this movie? To find the answer, let’s get all over the flaws that people found in this movie.

1. The Shitty Storyteller Visual Maestro: Zack Snyder

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Just look at this smugged-face fucktard
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The only thing we like about this guy is his dope-ass surname. (DC directors always have the most amazing names. We mean, just look at Christopher Nolan, girls probably have orgasms just by hearing their names)
He’s just a complete asshole, and to prove my point read this out: 6 Batshit Ways Zack Snyder Is Defending Batman v. Superman

Yeah yeah, he’s a good visual director and stuff but that is not all it takes.
People keep telling him what he needs to do to get better but he just doesn’t listen.
Just make a good and cohesive script”,  and if you can’t do it, then get help, but at least understand what you lack and work on it. Because the first step to being good at something is acknowledging your mistakes. Zack Snyder just sugar coats his mistakes with stupid reasoning and defends them like a mama bear.

People just cannot take him anymore, WB needs to fire him

2. The Editing in Batman V Superman, It Gave Us AIDS

For the first 50 minutes, I truly felt like Ben Affleck’s 7-year old daughter edited this.

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For a daughter that cute, even we would fight Superman
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But then we realised that even she would be able to do a better job at it than the actual editors. Can you believe that it was the same guy who edited the Independence Day? (Yeah, I froze for a second too)
If someone asks me what was the plot of this movie, I won’t be able to explain it because I can’t even recall the order of the first 50 minutes of this movie.

Moreover, this movie had so much unnecessary bullshit. I mean wait till this comes out on Blu-Ray, I would just edit out the half an hour worth of footage and I bet it wouldn’t even make a difference, rather, it would become much more streamlined and focused. (That bad? Yeah)

3. Rushing To Create The DCEU

The thing is, MCU wasn’t created in a day. It took them five freaking movies to get to The Avengers. They weren’t dumbasses to spend so much time, money and effort over nothing.
Hey, we want the Justice League much more than you do, but I don’t wanna settle for a shitty one, I want these legend-like characters to blow the Audience the fuck out of the multiplex (Don’t get literal).

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We can’t joke about this. It is just so epic
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Hold On. Breath Up. Go Smooth. Slow and Steady wins the race.


We still believe that WB and DC will do good and be successful, after all, they were the ones who gave us the cinematic masterpiece – The Dark Knight.
And we will be the first ones in line to buy their tickets when they do.
But as of right now, they need to work on their mistakes and make sure they don’t repeat the same shit that happened in Batman V Superman.

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Also, a huge shout out to Aditya Mishra for helping us out with this post. This really wouldn’t have been possible without him.

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