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10 Classic Old Games That Are Still Enjoyable

Games have evolved and become better in terms of graphics and technology. But some times taking a look back we realise that there were quite many golden memories we lived through some old games. Let’s take a look at some of the classic old games that we played through and still live on with us. If you haven’t played these games then we highly recommend to try these out. They are really cool.

Let’s begin our list of 10 classic old games:

1. Aladdin

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This SEGA game wherein you played as Aladdin was simply one of the most complete experiences for an Aladdin game. You could travel through the Arabic deserts, throw apples and jump over rooftops which felt awesome.

2. Jazz The JackRabbit 1 & 2

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This platformer game was an absolute delight to play. You play as a green rabbit and go through side scrolling levels and various power ups made this game extremely enjoyable to play.

3. Super Mario Bros

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This game, of course, requires no introduction of it’s own since Mario is popular worldwide and the classic old first version of this game still lives on to be one of the most memorable gaming experience for us.

4. Old Mortal Kombat Games

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Mortal Kombat games were full of gore and violence. Many of us remember going to play this game on arcade machines and bashing buttons multiple times to get those fatalities.

5. Street Fighter

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Street Fighter games were a great fighting experience and the different characters with various ethnic backgrounds added a global appeal to the game.

6. Duck Hunt

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As simple as it can get, this game was perhaps the earliest attempts for Augmented Reality in a way. You could get a physical gun along with your console to gun those ducks down. And if you have played this game, you know the hatred for that darn dog!

7. Doom

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One of the earliest classic First Person Shooting games, Doom has defined the shooting game genre for decades. The old version of this game still remains one of the most enjoyable shooting experiences.

8. Wolfenstein

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Wolfenstein was another First Person Shooting game which was set in the Nazi premise. This game’s level design till date remains a masterpiece with all the hidden treasures, health pickups and more.

9. Age Of Empires II

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Age Of Empires II is still regarded as one of the best in the AOE series. Strategising your troops and capturing and winning gave an amazing sense of satisfaction.

10. Lion King

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Breaking the convention, at the time, by having an animal as a playable character, Lion King was a fun game to play. You play as Simba and go on to live the story of the cartoon Lion King.

We hope you enjoyed reading this list and definitely try playing these classic old games if you haven’t already.

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