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13 Reasons Why – ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ Is A Must Watch

For the people who don’t know about this novel turned web television series, ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ (Th1rteen R3asons Why) is the story of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) and spins around Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) who is among the few selected individuals who are let into the details of the suicide of Hannah Baker and specifically, thirteen reasons why she committed suicide by Hannah herself through cassette  tapes. You ask us why you should watch it when we have summarized it for you?

So here are 13 reasons as to why you should watch ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ – a American drama-mystery:

1) The mystery gropes you in such a way that makes you crave for more episodes just by the end of the first episode.

Thirteen Reasons Why, Web series, Netflix, Must watch
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Don’t end up binge-watching the whole series. We warned you.

2) Thirteen Reasons Why revolves around some heavy teen stuff and topics which seemingly very few people are addressing.

Teenage Suicide and all the different emotions and reasons why a teenager takes such a step – this is a topic everyone is subconsciously aware about but no one tries to dig deep into or spread awareness about it. Bullying, spreading rumors, substance abuse, sexual abuse, society pressures and mental illnesses – these are not your everyday topics that you come upon in the other shows.

3) It is based on a novel with the same name by Jay Ashers.

 Image Source: Emaze
Image Source: Emaze

This novel made it to the New-York Times Best-Seller and now-a-days very few directors are able to do justice to the novels through their movies – forget a web series. But this has surely paid a tribute to the novel.

4) The boys of the cast are well eye-candy especially Tony, the least to say

Thirteen Reasons Why, Web series, Netflix, Must watch
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5) Every one in the cast – be it supporting or lead – have acted exceptionally well.

Thirteen Reasons Why, Web series, Netflix, Must watch
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What we mean is, the main characters emotions when they play their part – they are so raw, so natural – and they seem so vulnerable. Sure the casting was done very well and very carefully. You would feel you are one of them – going through all it with them.

6) At first, the series was going to be a movie.

Thirteen Reasons Why, Web series, Netflix, Must watch
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And it starred Selena Gomez in the cast and the production team! She even was involved with the production team of the series and so the soundtracks is also something you should appreciate.

7) It inspires you to gather knowledge about such problems.

And look around yourselves – among your closed ones – if someone needs help. Though the series doesn’t mention much about how you can help, but there is always google at your doorsteps.

8) It has an epic storyline.

 Image Source: PopSugar
Image Source: PopSugar

We must have mentioned about this above somewhere. But we again want to tell you how amazingly it is written – the way the story takes place, how Hannah puts her emotions into words – just everything feels relatable, heart-touching and real.

9) People say ‘Words are like sword. They will stab you and rip you off. And once said you can’t even take it back.’ Hannah is a witness of that.

Thirteen Reasons Why, Web series, Netflix, Must watch
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Hannah was deeply affected in a negative way due to the rumors about her that spread like wildfire in her school and the comments that came with them. She was taken aback, least to say, when her own friend called her slut. Well we won’t give away any spoilers.

10) It was aired on Netflix which is apparently the top web series television right now.

Thirteen Reasons Why, Web series, Netflix, Must watch
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11) It shows the unpleasant side of mental illnesses

It doesn’t glorify or try to change the reality – it shows the nasty side – one that affects the person suffering and also, the people around him/her.

12) The way the series continues going to the past and coming back to the present – it is very intriguing and well-directed.

Image Source: The New York Times

You won’t understand this until you reach the end of second episode.

13) It has a different take on the modern technology

Thirteen Reasons Why, Web series, Netflix, Must watch,
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As we mentioned, Hannah recorded herself in cassettes and did not send any MP3s or messages instead.

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