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Why Iron Man Is Better Than Batman

Batman is cool. Traveled the world, learnt martial arts and other forms of fighting, named himself after his biggest fear and etc. etc. Well, who gives a goddamn shit about that? Ever heard of Tony Stark? The self-made man doesn’t need martial arts to beat the shit out of people (Because awesome weapons, duh!), doesn’t just fight crime at night, and most importantly, doesn’t care if people know his identity. That’s right, Iron Man is better than Batman, and we are here to tell you why.

1. Doesn’t Need Someone Else To Build His Stuff For Him

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Bruce Wayne might not be a genius like Tony Stark, but can someone remind him that he trying to save a city which is literally full of disasters? Both of them don’t have any superpowers, but if you are trying to do some good, then at least make sure that YOU SHOULD BUILD YOUR OWN GODDAMN GADGETS. Maybe instead of all the time spent travelling around the world to learn basic kung fu, he could have done engineering from IIT, and take some DeVry Courses. Tony Stark could build a particle accelerator (which we doubt Batman would have ever heard of) out of the spare parts just lying around his place. Bruce Wayne wouldn’t even know how to operate a toaster.

2. Better Humour

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Oh hell yeah, he is damn funny. Can you ever imagine Batman being funny? Well, no. “I have to be serious all the time or Gotham will be in trouble.” Bullshit. If there were a prize for the least funny Fugger on the face of the Earth, Batman would easily win. So it’s perfectly safe to say that Tony Stark is the most amusing of all superhero alter egos.

3. Comes Up With Better Plans

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Wayne travelled around the world for years to learn Kung Fu and perfect it. Tony Stark had one weekend and an actual heart attack, and damn, still had time to think “I’d better not get shot in the face!”. We know what you are thinking right now. Awesome, right? He comes up with a plan, beat up the bad guys, does his job, and leaves in style (Iron Man, anyone?). Let’s talk about Bruce Wayne. Comes only at night, and then vanishes into the dark so no one can shoot him. While “Haha, you can’t see me” might seem satisfying, that’s like totally uncool. Iron Man beat the living shit out of the aliens in broad daylight.

4. Less Pretentious. Actually, Not At All Pretentious

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Bruce is a wounded soul who hides behind a mask. He doesn’t want the world to know about him. Instead, in a world where everyone, from criminals to police officers, is in it together, he stands up and fights against the corruption himself. He is basically living his life with two identities. A billionaire and a masked vigilante.

Now let’s talk about Tony Stark. What does he symbolize? What is the truth behind his mask? Who gives a shit? Tony just likes blowing stuff up and beating on bad guys and banging chicks. He is the very definition of awesome. He even doesn’t care about his identity, revealing to the world that he is Iron Man. Iron Man, he is not us – because he is too awesome to be us – but he is all our bro. And if you’re a chick he will totally do you as long as you are not a fatty or clingy.

5. Behind The Suit

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Bill Gates is rich. That’s not his superpower. He is just goddamn rich, that’s all. Take that mask off, who are you? Just a guy who is living a double life. Great, you know kung fu. So does Jackie Chan. Doesn’t give him superpowers.

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“Big man in a suit of armour. Take that away – What are you?” Well, a lot of things and more than just rich. That’s right people, at least that’s an answer.

6. Iron Man Is A Better Mentor

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We all know about the iconic duo of Batman and Robin. But Batman was never a mentor to Robin. Heck, he didn’t even train him. All Robin was to Batman, was a sidekick.
Even though Spiderman is newly introduced in the Avengers’ team, Iron Man is trying his best to train him so that he could surpass him. Well yeah, he is selfless (Or he just wants to bang Aunt May). Now, Spiderman may not be a sidekick to Iron Man, but the way Iron Man cares about him, he is no less than a mentor either.

7. Portrayed By The Perfect Actor

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Over the years, many superheroes are portrayed by different actors. But there are some which we could never forget and we couldn’t have been more grateful that they were not replaced. Hugh Jackman as Logan, for instance. He was the perfect wolverine. Could you ever imagine Tony Stark being portrayed by some other actor and not Robert Downey Jr.? No, right? Because he is just so perfect for the role. The first Iron Man film came out in 2008, and since then, we have only seen Robert Downey Jr. portray the role of Tony Stark. And let’s just agree, that no other actor can do it better than RDJ. Now, let’s talk about Batman. Christian Bale was perfect for the role, we won’t deny that. But at the same time, they keep replacing actors for the role of Batman. As we saw in the latest Batman Vs Superman movie, Batman is portrayed by Ben Affleck. Moreover, the movie wasn’t great either. At least not as good as when Christian Bale was portraying the role of Batman.

So yeah, that’s the end and in conclusion, Iron Man > Batman.

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