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GTA V: 10 Minute Details You Probably Didn’t Notice

The GTA franchise needs no introduction of it’s own. This series revolutionised the open world genre forever and developer Rockstar Games has pushed their limits with every new title. Here are some interesting minute details about GTA V that you probably didn’t know.

1. People hiking on top of Mount Chilliad take selfies on their phones

gta v, mount chilliad, mt chilliad, grand theft auto, v
Image Source: We Heart It

2. While playing as one character, the other two protagonists continue to live their life normally

gta v, v, michael desanta, trevor phillips, franklin, protagonist, grand theft auto v
Image Source: Polygon

3. On entering a tunnel you lose the GPS signal in your car

gta, gta v, grand theft auto, tunnel
Image Source: GTA Wiki

4. You can create dents on cars by kicking them

5. Your character’s clothes get wet only till the point where your player was immersed in water

grand theft auto, wet clothes, wet, clothes, gta v
Image Source: GTA Forums

6. Puddles start to form realistically when it starts to rain

7. The 3 main protagonists’ phones are a parody of real life phone companies namely iPhone, Android and Windows Phones

gta v, gta, gta v phones, gta v phone, gta v mobile
Image Source: Kotaku

8. While driving at night oncoming cars will alert you by flashing their lights

9. In GTA V if you fail a mission several times you get an option to skip that particular mission thereby reducing the frustration on a mission if you can’t complete it

10. If you rob the same store over and over again several times the shopkeeper will remember you and will keep police presence ready for you next time

gta v, shop robbery, trevor
Image Source: Guides Gamepressure

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