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Funerals – Epic Dead Body Scare Prank

Funerals are of course sad and losing someone is all the more heart-wrenching. It leaves an empty space in our hearts and lives. But, as we say, life goes on. However, there’s a funny side about funerals too. What if you are literally bored and got nothing to do? Try this prank along with your friends and scare the shit out of people, without being a ghost. Confused? Have a look at this epic dead body scare prank video and wake the devil in you.

Isn’t it funny and scary at the same time? You can actually arrange a funeral of your own and scare the shit out of people by waking up at your own wake. We had a good laugh. Share it with your friends and laugh your ass out. And if you plan such pranks, do not forget to invite us. We promise to act scared. Boo! What are your views on the same? Any other prank ideas you’ve got in your mind? Share. them with us in the comment section below and we shall feature them on our website.

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Image Courtesy : Gifbin

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