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10 Things That Saints Row Series Does Better Than GTA Series

GTA series has defined the open world gaming genre. There are very few games that give close competition to this series, and many fail miserably. But there’s one game series that’s stood out and in many ways even fared better than GTA series in some aspects. We are talking about Saints Row series. Let’s take a look at the 10 things that Saints Row does better than GTA

1. Over the top action

Saints Row has always been synonymous with it’s over the top action. You’ll know what we’re saying if you’ve played the sky diving mission in Saints Row The Third!

2. It’s something that GTA started out to be

saints row, over the top, crazy
Image Source: Wikipedia

In many ways it feels like Saints Row was something that GTA had started out to be but somewhere down the lane shifted more towards the satirical realism than it’s over the top nature.

3. Vehicles

Gat mobile, saints row, srtt, srtf, gta
Image Source: Amuzzled –

Vehicles in Saints Row are much more cooler! One vehicle: GAT Mobile! ‘Nuf said!

4. Crazy weapons

Umm well, we’ll let the above video do the talking.. And yes, this is an actual weapon in the game:

saints row, the third, srtt, weapons, srtt weapons
Image Source: Collider

If this isn’t crazy enough then we don’t know what is!

5. Character Customisation in Saints Row

You can customise your character completely having control over every single aspect of your character. You can play as a male or a female and can change the entire appearance and gender of your character anytime.

saints row, clothes, character customisation
Image Source: Collider

Also, the clothes are quite wacky as well!

6. The game allows you to cheat openly!!

saints row, saints row cheats, srtt cheats, srtt, srtf
Image Source: Gadget Review

Yes, in Saints Row The Third you have your cheat codes right on your phone!! How cool is that?

7. Side activities are crazy

saints row insurance fraud
Image Source: YouTube channel xSILENTDOOMx

Side activities are completely bonkers in Saints Row. They are way much more crazy. One side activity includes insurance fraud wherein you literally bash up your character by throwing yourself in front of cars and deliberately getting into accidents to earn money!

8. Vehicle handling and customisations

saints row, srtt, saints row vehicles, srtf vehicles, srtt cheats
Image Source: Bit-Tech

GTA series comes no where close to the level of customisation options that Saints Row offers for vehicles. Also, the handling of vehicles feels much more realistic than the traditional cartoonish handling of cars in GTA series.

9. Humor is much more adult

saints row, humor, saints row funny
Image Source: Pixel Judge

The humor in this game is much more quirky, to the point and doesn’t hold back in terms of anything!

10. Power ups for character

saints row level up
Image Source: Gamezone

Sure, the realism of a character customisation in GTA San Andreas is kind of fun to balance out but Saints Row takes it to another level by adding in multiple level ups for your character that actually make your character better as you play through the game.

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