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5 Teachings Of Buddhism For A Better Life

 “Bu means ‘buddhi’ and dha means ‘dhata’..the one who is above the intellect. “Buddha means one who is above his intellect, one who is no longer a part of his mind is a buddha. Only when you are beyond your mind, can you really be yourself”, says SadhguruHappy Buddha purnima. 

Image source: pixhome
Image source: pixhome

Buddhism is not a religion, it is a philosophy. Anyone and everyone can join Buddhism, despite the caste/creed/color/country he belongs to. This philosophy is now accessible to all the people with the help of Nichiren Daishonin through Soka Gakkai International. Buddha preached- “Every human being is born with the potential for enlightenment and happiness.”

Buddhism helps to

  1. lead a happy, positive and moral life
  2. be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions
  3. develop wisdom, peace and understanding.

Buddhism teaches the simplest..which includes:

1. The Lotus Sutra

Like a lotus grows in mud but strives to have no imperfections on itself, We humans must strive to achieve inner peace and good life even if we are surrounded by negativity.

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The Lotus Sutra is a teaching that encourages an active engagement with mundane life and all its challenges. Buddhahood is not an escape from these challenges but an inexhaustible source of positive energy to grapple with and transform the sufferings and contradictions of life and create happiness.

The sutra’s key message is that Buddhahood, the supreme state of life characterized by boundless compassion, wisdom and courage, is inherent within every person without distinction of gender, ethnicity, social standing or intellectual ability.

2. Chanting “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo”

This is the Law that permeates all life and the universe. It refers to the true aspects of our own lives and chanting it, is the irect path to enlightenment. This practice strengthens the capacity for wisdom, courage, confidence, vitality, compassion, and happiness.

Nam– to devote oneself..Myoho– law of myterious nature of our lives..Renge– the Lotus flower..Kyo– teaching of Buddha.

3. The theory of Karma

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Karma underlines the importance of all individuals being responsible for their past and present actions. How can we test the karmic effect of our actions? The answer is summed up by looking at (1) the intention behind the action, (2) effects of the action on oneself, and (3) the effects on others. Buddhism teaches us to hold responsibility of our actions and never blame others. We must do good to have good.

4. Grants wishes

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If you genuinely have wishes and those would impact your and others’ lives positively, start chanting the Daimoku- Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. This will give you the power to work harder and will lead you to achieve it.

5. Brings you to Peace

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Practicing buddhism brings you to inner and fuller peace. You don’t become a tantric/sage.. but your life becomes contended and sagely.

It “teaches us that the inner determination of an individual can transform everything; it gives ultimate expression to the infinite potential and dignity inherent in each human life. 

Think about what you want from your life.. and develop your inner buddhahood. Thankyou. Want to join the practice.. do comment.


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