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Why Joey Doesn’t Stand Anywhere Near Barney

Forget F.R.I.E.N.D.S and H.I.M.Y.M. The real competition is between Barney Stinson and Joey Tribbiani. Of course, both are amazing in their own ways, but let’s just agree that Barney Stinson is the coolest character of all time, and there is hardly any competition to his awesomeness.

One might say Joey can beat him, but come on people, let’s just be realistic here. Joey is great, but Barney is legen-waitforitbecausethesecondhalfisevenmoreawesome-dary! LEGENDARY!

Here are our reasons why Barney Stinson is better than Joey:

1. Better Clothing

Barney, Awesome, Suit, HIMYM
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Do we even need to discuss this point? You know what’s sexier than a bad boy? A grown ass man with his shit together. 

joey, clothes, friends
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Tribbiani is going to be the third wheel, dressed in a turtleneck and jeans, laughing at you and probably imitating his friend, Chandler he would sneer at you, “Could I BE wearing any more clothes?”.

Needless to say, Barney effortlessly takes over Joey on this point.

2. Better Wingman

Wingman, Barney, Ted, Awesome, HIMYM
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We are all aware of Ted’s desperation to find his soulmate, but would it have been possible without Barney? The answer is NO! Barney was there for Ted whenever he needed him. From a perfect wingman to a perfect friend, Barney is the ultimate champion. Can you ever imagine Joey doing this for Chandler? Well, who are we kidding? Definitely not. Moreover, Joey even left Chandler when they went to London. And well, it’s perfectly clear who would you rather have as your wingman if you ever want to hit on a girl – Barney Stinson.

3. Perfect Friend

Robin, fiancee, barney, caring, himym
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Although he might not show it, but Barney was the most caring of all in his gang. He would be there for you whenever you need him, and he will help you no matter what. His unconditional love for his friends is what really sets him apart from Joey.

Lily, Barney, Himym
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Unlike Joey, he never held any grudges against his friends. I can’t remember how many times did Chandler and Joey exactly fight. Even when Ted was not talking to Barney, and Ted faced an accident, Barney was there for him. Because that’s what friends are for.

4. Level Of Intelligence And Smartness

playbook, legendary, barney, himym
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Well, hahaha. Joey can’t ever match Barney’s level of intelligence. Barney is a saint, and Joey is..well dumb, to be precise. Barney’s legendary playbook, bro-code, hot crazy scale and last but not the least lemon law, are a few examples of his brilliant and crazy mind. Moreover, in the final season, it is shown how is takes revenge from his boss for stealing his girlfriend and that’s just damn too epic. Unlike Joey, who doesn’t even know where Vermont is located, Barney easily takes over him in terms of smartness. Because let’s be honest, Joey can never ever pull off tricks like these.

5. Catchphrase

Joey, Friends
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So let’s start with Joey. Fine, his catchphrase his kinda cool. But here is the thing, it always doesn’t work for him. It’s not the catchphrase that’s interesting, but the way Joey says it.

barney, legendary, himym
Image Source: Tenor

Now let’s talk about Barney. Okay great, we agreed Joey’s catchphrase was cool. But Barney’s catchphrase is…well, legendary. He has used it countless times throughout the whole series, and each time he said it, it was on the perfect occasion. And unlike Joey, who can only use his catchphrase on girls, Barney can use it in any situation he wants, and he makes it look interesting. Besides, how many people do you actually see using Joey’s catchphrase? Yeah, we know. Not many. Whereas, we see almost everyone use Barney’s catchphrase every day.

6. Proposals

joey, rachel, proposal, friends
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So basically, Joey proposes to a pregnant woman, by accident? Yeah, because that’s what every woman wants. An accidental proposal. “Well, oops, I didn’t mean to.”

Barney, Robin, Proposal, HIMYM
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Now let’s talk about Barney’s proposals. First, he proposed to Quinn in the airport through magic, which was absolutely magnificent. Their engagement didn’t exactly work, but that’s not we are talking about.
Then the way he proposes to Robin, which just took our breaths. On the top of World Wide News building, which was Robin’s favourite spot, and the planning he worked on, for weeks. Now, this is what we call a proposal. Beyond anyone’s expectations and truly splendid.

6. Awesomeness

Joey, Chandler, FRIENDS
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Joey is awesome, we absolutely can’t deny that. But he is dumb. He is really really dumb. Now, these two things can’t co-exist. While his immaturity is likeable by many people, we can’t deny this either that Barney is immature too (in ways), but he is equally awesome. He is the very definition of the guy a lady would like to date.

Barney, awesome, HIMYM
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Don’ let Barney’s appearance deceive you. He might be a softie from inside, but on the outside, Barney is truly a gentleman and a mastermind. He isn’t really scared of anyone and will go to any lengths just to get a lady. He thinks he is awesome (which is 100% true), and can trick any girl into falling for him. He even went on for a “perfect week” and “perfect month”, which were successful, and that’s something Joey won’t ever be able to do.

So with a playbook, and a few tricks up in his sleeve, Barney can pick up as many girls as he wants, and that too on a single night without any hitch, as all his strategies and plans work. Joey, on the other hand, while an excellent lover, isn’t as fluent with girls as Stinson is. Hence, in our opinion, the ultimate winner is none other than our own Barney Stinson.

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