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9 Problems India Is Going Through Right Now

Patriotism, Justice, Democracy, Unity are a few words we hear in India every day. Who the fudge follows them?
“My country is the best. I love my country.” is something we love hearing from a 5-year kid, but what happens when he grows up and realises the problems residing in this country?

Not that we are not patriotic or something like that, but we have just got our different set of opinions. Please don’t kill us before reading the reasons. Actually.. not after either.

1. Politicians

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When was the last time a politician kept his promise? Oh yeah, never. We are so damn easily trapped into politicians “Divide and Rule policy”. Now now, are we back in the 18th century? The fact that our country’s top parliamentary house looks like a genuine fish market (School life, anyone?), and that the politicians are spending millions on constructing their own statues rather than spending on the public itself. There are many such examples in our political parties.

2. Poverty

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The rich are getting richer, and the poor can’t get any poorer. That’s the country we are living in. Where the economic gap is too damn high. We share posts on social media, participate in debates on different occasions, but let’s be honest – How many of us have actually done something about it? All we do is complain and complain. The fact that even after almost 70 years of independence, more than 50% of our country lives in undesirable conditions and almost nothing is being done about it. Time to open your eyes, people.

3. Dangerous Country For Women

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Image Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

It’s not a thing to be proud of when India tops the list for one of the most dangerous countries for women. But obviously, we will raise our voices, go on protests, and this will go on for many days, and what will be the end result? Well, nothing. The case will be pushed off for years and no result would be seen. A country where a 17-year-old can rape a woman but will be let go because he was a minor. Can we have a standing ovation on this for ourselves?

4. When Public Places Are Assumed As Toilets

Peeing, public place, India
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No, we are not talking about Swimming Pools here. Here is our patriotism. Our impatience to find a public toilet. Having no regard for the people around us, and nature but doing whatever the hell we want. And then obviously, blaming others for it. So here is a suggestion. Maybe next time, instead of complaining about it, why don’t you do something about it?

5. Corruption

Corruption, India
Image Source: WorthvieW

More than billions of rupees have been reported as black money in India. Billions.

Way to go, people. Because everyone wants a driving license but doesn’t want to stand in a long Que to register yourself and give the test. Where roads give themselves away after only one monsoon period, indicating clear corruption in road development. Because everyone wants to work through the “jugaad”. Next time, you see a news about how India is emerging as one of the most corrupt countries, then blame yourself. It’s about time you take a good hard look at yourself.

6. Reservation Quota

Reservation, SC, ST, OBC, General
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Well, it’s safe to assume that our country is f****d up when there are hardly any seats for the deserving, while the lousy people are enjoying their so-called “minority” rights. While many people are working day and night to achieve their goals, a few of them are busy doing nothing because of the infamous reservation system of India. In a place where reservation matters more than hard work, don’t be surprised when bridges start falling. Well, what do we say? General is the OBC.

7. Grades And Marks > Talent

Grades, Marks, Talent
Image Source: India

Let us ask you a question. If the smartest people from India go to IIT, where do the smartest students go in the USA?
Fine, we will tell you. Its pretty simple, if you ask us. Smart students from the USA go to where they actually want to be.
It doesn’t matter if you have done the craziest shit from around the world, doesn’t matter if you are a national level gold medalist. If you don’t have good grades or marks, none of it will matter. That’s the country we live in.
Let us tell you something: “There is a difference between people who are smart and people who get good grades.”
And believe it or not, sooner or later, you are going to realise this.

8. Religion

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Our country is mainly divided between two people: Theists and Atheists. The ones who are theists are further divided among their religions. A few of them are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians etc. And the list goes on and on.
Let us ask you something. What is the first thing we are taught in school? It’s that no matter what our religion is, the colour of our blood is same under our skin, and that’s what matters the most. Most of us tend to forget that as we grow up. One simple basic of life, which can solve this problem. But obviously, we have to make it complicated. This point might be the most valid why India is the worst country to live in. And as much as we hate to say it, most of the domestic feuds and riots that happen in our country are due to one major reason: Religion.

9. Falling Rupee

faliing rupee, growth slowdown
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From 1$ = ₹1 to 1$ = ₹65, it needs no further explanation. And it hasn’t stopped either. There are many reasons for it, but we believe the major one is Growth Slowdown.  In 2012-13, India’s GDP fell to a decade low of 5 percent. To make it worse, even foreign investors are pulling money out of the Indian markets due to slow growth. The other reasons include Policy Inaction, Low Forex Reserves, Speculative Trading etc. Now, who is to blame for that? Well, we all know the answer to that.

And despite all this, we try and live in utter ignorance of what’s happening around us. High time we took action and solve these problems.

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