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Non Vegetarians Are Always Better Than Vegetarians

Why are Non vegetarians so smart? Why so daring.. just so perfectly audacious that they bring the thrill along their air. Yes, NON-VEGETARIANS are the COOLEST people. Let thou be shown how..

1. Roar of the Party

yjhd , yeh jawani hia deewani , party
Image source: india today

You be how cool you want to be, but when it comes to the flesh-eaters, the crowd is all theirs.

2. Heartful

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They are full of heart for themselves, friends and their FOOD. They would go miles to get the best of what they want and deserve.

3. Splendid money spenders

Yes..they do have loads of money. But is just for their own food and prawns and fish.

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Image Courtesy: wordpress
Image Courtesy: wordpress

4. Great friends who are non vegetarians

friends eating , friends together
Image courtesy: hiffingtn post

Best of the friends can be found in people who eat chicken, fish, and other sea food and flesh.. Vegetarians are way too peevish.

5. They take it easy and eat

Image Courtesy: giphy
Image Courtesy: giphy

Non vegetarians do not care much about things when they are actually on an off. They get it all cool with their brains and focus on food, particularly NON VEG.

What do vegetarians do?

Image Courtesy: giphy
Image Courtesy: giphy

How do vegetarians live?

Non vegetarians
Image source: animal jam clans wiki

Everyday there are people eating potatoes and chicken on the same table. What makes this situation so special is their love for their food and the ignorance and mocking behavior towards each other, and still they sit together and eat. Love your thing. Good going dear non vegetarians.


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