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Why Suits Is Better Than Any TV Show Ever Made

We all watch tv series, argue which one is better, and in the end, we all end up watching them all unable to decide which one is the best. Well, here is our answer – SUITS. Drop whatever it is you are doing right now, and read this.

Because whatever your opinion is, we are about to change it.

1. Modern Age Philosophy

Harvey, Suits
Image Source: Tumblr

Y’all sure must have heard of “Harvey Specter”, even if you haven’t watched the series. Well, who hasn’t? He is the modern age saint. We are not talking about lousy quotes and lessons we read on the internet every day. He shows us what life is really like, and how to deal with the problems we face in it every day. And the first lesson is: “Don’t take shit from anyone, even if it’s the queen of England.”

2. Phenomenal Story Line

Mike, Harvey, Suits Lawyers
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What is your plan B if you can’t ever make it to your goals? Well, doesn’t matter. Our point being, there is always a plan B. Well, this guy, Mike Ross, with am exception knowledge of the law and probably the smartest guy to ever existed got knocked into a different life where he thought he had no way to go back. He wanted to become a lawyer, but couldn’t due to his so called “best friend”. Wait, we are not finished yet. Now, what do you do when you don’t have a plan B? The answer is, you stick to plan A, no matter what. Mike met Harvey, became a lawyer in New York’s most reputed Law firm, the two solved nearly impossible cases, and the rest, my friend, is history. Wait, we forgot the best part. He never went to a law school.

3. Great Chemistry Between Characters

Donna, Jessica, Mike, Harvey, Rachel, Louis, Suits
Image Source: WallpapersCraft

We all have seen Fast and Furious series, and what have we learnt from it? Well, nothing except one thing that every second dialogue contains the word “family”. Now, this show has a great chemistry between its characters, and we are not just saying it because we like it. We are saying it because it’s true. All characters fight with each other every once in a while, but when they need each other the most, they are there for them. Because that’s what family means. Not saying it, but showing it.

4. Classic Soundtrack

Mike, Harvey, Lawyers, Duo, Suits

Okay, this one is our favourite point. The soundtrack is just way too awesome. No matter how many times you hear it, you just want to keep listening to it. Wait, why don’t we just state a few of its songs?

  1. Stealth: Judgement Day
  2. Elmo: Lifetime
  3. Bootstraps: Guiltfree
  4. Cold War Kids: First
  5. Phantoms and Friends: Old Man Canyon

Now, hear some.


Louis, Litt Up, Suits
Image Source: Tumblr

This is probably one of the best things that any show has ever done. Basically, the guy’s name is Louis “Litt”, and he can seriously LITT the goddamn things up. You might not like him in the starting, but trust us, he is one of the most likeable characters in the entire series.

6. Mike and Harvey

Mike, Harvey, Loyalty, Friendship goals, Suits
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If you want to seek friendship goals, then these two are the ones you are looking for. Their loyalty towards each other is just indescribable. They are not just friends. They are brothers who look out for each other at every point of time. Moreover, they are the best lawyers in the city, and a better duo than them is still in search. Though, we doubt if we will ever found any.

7. Quote-along

Harvey, Lawyer, Suits

What do you do when you see an awsome quote? Let us guess. You immediately make them your display picture or share it. Well, this show is all about classy quotes which you can use in real life too. Moreover, the duo i.e., Mike and Harvey keep quoting dialogues to each other from old movies too, which will make you want to watch those movies.

8. Jessica Pearson’s Dresses

Jessica, Fashion, Dress, Suits
Image Source: The Stitcherati

Would you believe us if we told you that Jessica Pearson has never worn the same dress twice in her entire life? Yes, you heard us right. We can all assume that she has got one hell of a wardrobe. Well, what else can you expect from the former managing partner of New York’s best law firm? Ladies, you really need to watch this show to take your sense of fashion to a whole new level.

9. Donna’s Sassy Remarks – Suits

Donna, Sassy, Suits
Image Source: Giphy

If we have learnt anything from this show, it’s that you don’t mess with Donna. Don’t just think that she is a legal secretary. She can read your mind and emotions. Moreover, Harvey is nothing without her. Her sassy remarks from time to time are what really makes her special.

10. No Pre-requisite Knowledge Needed – Suits

Mike, Harvey, Suits, Lawyers
Image Source: hey, I’m 20-something –

Although the show is based on law, that doesn’t mean you won’t understand it. That’s the best part about this show. You don’t need to have any pre-requisite knowledge in the field of law. The uniqueness of this show covers it all, my friends. All you need to look out for is the first scene of this show, and that will be enough to make you fall in love with it.

Alright, guys, that’s it from our side for Suits. Now, all we need you to do is get the hell out of here and start watching the goddamn show. Enjoy watching Suits!

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