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Meet Mastanamma: The Oldest YouTuber And An Inspiration To Many

They say it is never too late to achieve your dreams. Well, this lady is set to prove that or should I say – possibly the oldest YouTuber to exist. This old woman has been trending on the internet from quite a few days for all the right reasons and has become a sensation with her cookery channel ‘Country Foods’ which has a fan following of over 2 lakh subscribers. By now you would be knowing who we are referring to – she doesn’t even need to be introduced she has become that popular. Yes, it is the one and only Mastanamma Karre. She is your typical granny dressed in a simple saree – spotting some old spectacles – but she is no ordinary woman. With a heart of gold, mind of steel, and a confidence that will even put the best model to shame, this lady deserves every ounce of our respect.

Mastanamma, YouTuber, Oldest YouTuber, Inspiring people
Image Source: Newstrack

Mastanamma hails from the quaint village of Gudivada in Andhra Pradesh but she uses this weakness as her strength. She doesn’t cook in some modern kitchen with the latest technology – instead, her backdrop is the paddy rice fields and her weapons consist of all the traditional and customary utensils of the old times. A lady fighting to keep our traditional ways and taste of cooking and winning hearts while doing what she loves and has a passion for. And what’s so special about her cooking, you ask us? It is that she pours her heart and soul into it and serves and feeds it with love. She never charges anyone for eating – everyone is welcome – whoever is present there or is passing by is called by her to come and taste. Who could possibly reject this sweet ‘granny-ji’? Though the heart – the cook – of this channel is Mastanamma, the brainstorm behind the whole idea is her first fan – her grandson – K Laxman. On a trip to his village, he and his friend, Srinath Reddy, approached Mastanamma and they were quite impressed with her traditional style of cooking and her active lifestyle. When they started shooting her she was in a trance that they were just doing it to show to their friends when they go back. As they began to gain popularity, they told her how they had uploaded her videos in which she cooked the local flavors and how she was loved by all. She was more than happy that people were getting inspired by her and liking her and that made her more devoted towards this undying passion of hers which is rare at a a age of 106! She says proudly that everyone in the village loves her food and her,too.

Check out the 106-year-old Mastanamma in action while she chats away about her life:

Though she belongs to a backward village, she doesn’t let herself be blinded by any conformist and traditional expectations and beliefs that come with being a woman. She is an independent lady and on her own – she lives by herself and says no to any helping hand. Never has her lack of knowing good English or even, Hindi been a hindrance to any of her YouTube followers. And the cutest thing about her – she knows she is beautiful and owns it like a boss.

Mastanamma, YouTuber, Country food, YouTuber, Inspiring people
Image Source: India Times

For all her recipes, click here.

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