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You Will Adore This New Advertisement Endorsing Airtel

Our Indian advertisements are so plain-tain stupid that everytime they come on the television all we could do was role our eyes and face-palm. But one thing that we would all agree on  is the cuteness and innocence of a commercial which involves kids. We all have wondered how many takes they would have to take before getting a perfect shot of the kids. One such advertisement is the endorsement of the brand Airtel promoting their sim cards.

Check Airtel’s new advertisement endorsing their sim cards here:

The new endorsement of Airtel tells that all the kids have a wide imagination and can imagine even the impossible things just like these kids in the advertisements who have various demands and expectations of what a smartphone can do. Need we say it is the cutest thing you would probably see today and kids always make you go awww – unless they are crying.

Well we would too fancy a smartphone who would shoo away all the problems especially the boys and came with a bodyguard and such cute videos. If you liked this videos then stay updated with us for more such amazing posts.

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