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Denims Love Mother Nature? It’s Time You Stop Buying Them.

Denims! Who doesn’t love them? They are fashionable, ever green, can pair with almost anything. But do you know how much harm it causes to the environment?

After reading this you’ll think twice before buying a denim again! Of course if you care about our dear planet.

1) Did you know it takes approximately 2000 litres of water to manufacture a single pair of jeans?

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Image Source : Earth Love

Yes. 2000 litres! Imagine how much water we could save if we all decide to opt for sustainable clothing.

2) Pumice Stone, yes the one we use to scrub our dirty feet. A large amount of pumice is required to give denims the desired effect.

Image Source: hesspumice

Demand of large quantities leads to increased mining, which degrades the environment and natural mines.

3) Almost the whole world prefers denims as smart casuals. So do some professions, like mining, since it need not be washed everyday.

Image Source : Pinterest
Image Source : Pinterest

A lot of production, leads to a lot of wastage, which is dumped irresponsibly into streams and oceans, polluting the environment. The ‘distressing effect’ given to the jeans is through a process which releases silica particles in air, which can cause lung problems in the long run. So in short, really bad for the environment.

Image Source : Pinterest
Image Source : Pinterest

4) The dye used to make the jeans blue, is polluting the waters. Almost all the streams in Mexico turned blue due to the dye waste dumped in them.

Image Sourge : Woadballs
Image Sourge : Woadballs

The least we can do for our planet is start working towards adapting sustainable fashion. Buy denims only as per your requirement. An average person can do with 2 pairs of denims, according to a study an average American woman has 8 pairs of denim, completely unnecessary.

Image Source : Pinterest
Image Source : Pinterest

Go for used jeans than new ones, opt for renting options.  Remember every small step you take towards helping nature counts. This is our own little planet and its our duty to take care of it.

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