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Top 10 Unknown Facts About Steve Jobs

Whenever there will be a list of top revolutionary innovators of the world, we are very much sure Steve Jobs, will top the list, with his visionary idea, that he put forward decades ago through the Apple company, in 1976. Steve Jobs given all of his life to make this company an altogether a different company than others through his, out of the way thinking, which can be seen in his products, like iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, and many more innovative products. The life of Steve is filled with nuisance and ambiguity. He was a genius in his own terms, who went through numerous ups and downs in his life, but never gave up. It was a small idea, which he and his friend Wozniak thought and no one would believe that Apple Inc was started in a garage. It’s really easy to count the successes of a person through his achievements, but nobody knows how many sacrifices he has made, how much pain he has gone through, this is another aspect of success. Well, words can’t sum up the life and struggle that Steve Jobs went through to make Apple, the first Trillion Dollar Company in the world. There are numerous unknown facts and things about Steve which we are going to be covered here.

1. His Biological Parents

Very less people know this that Steve Jobs was biologically half Arab, as his father was a Syrian and mother was an American. His father’s name was Abdulfattah John Jandali  and mother’s name was Joanne Schieble Simpson.

2. The Main Architects of Apple                                  

Steve Jobs
Image Source : Daily Mail

Steve Jobs and Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak both met in a High School when Steve was 13 years old and Wozniak was 18 years old.

3. The Life Changing Mandate

Steve Jobs
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Jobs’s biological parents made a mandate: that Jobs will get adopted by a college-educated people. His biological parents found out that both Clara nor Paul Jobs had ever graduated from college, but the adoption went through on one condition that Steve Jobs will get a graduate degree. But, destiny had something funny for him, as he was a college dropout.

4. Pescatarian Nature

Steve Jobs
Image Source : Freaking News

Steve Jobs was Pescatarian by nature, and never ate any meat except fish.

5. The Unconventional Way Of Learning                    

Steve Jobs
Image Source : Pinterest

He had a very low GPA of 2.65, as he never enjoyed the school structure and always loved the unconventional way of study and learning.

6. The Spiritual Life

Steve Jobs
Image Source : Lion’s Roar

He was a follower of Zen Buddhism, but before that he spent his seven months in the India experimenting psychedelic drugs, which attracted him towards this. Buddhism philosophy states that life is an ever changing process, which left a mark on his thinking, which can be seen through his innovative ideas and products.

7. The Other Side Of Life

Steve Jobs
Image Source : Game Informer

Steve Jobs cheated his friend and Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, when both created their first successful game for the Atari, both decided to get 50-50 share. Company gave Steve Jobs $5000 , but he lied to Wozniak that he got only $700 and gave $350 only to Wozniak and kept $4650 with himself.

8. The Unknown Founder

Steve Jobs
Image Source : New York Daily

Very few know this that there was also a third founder of Apple, Ronald Wayne, who first designed the logo of Apple, but just one week after he sold all his 10 percent stock to Steve and Wozniak merely in 800$, after the success of company he still regrets this decision.

9. He had an illegitimate Child

Steve Jobs
Image Source : Singapore Actually

Steve Jobs was having a illegitimate Child, which he never accepted for years. Her name was Lisa Brennan, her Mother raised the Daughter with the help of few welfare works. It was in the later years somewhere around 2000, he accepted Lisa as his Kid and gave her the name Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

10. Steve Jobs Didn’t Know Programming

According to his Partner Wozniak, Jobs never learnt coding. 

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