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Illuminati: The Ruling World Power

The word- Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt, literally means the enlightened ones. The Illuminati is believed to be a secret society, a group that rules the world in this era and pose to be enlightening the people and preparing them for the Antichrist. It’s an “All-Seeing Eye” that reaches out to the risers, but of which nobody is sure it is real or legend.

Let us get an insight into what it is and some interest-inducing facts about it.

1. The Core Beliefs: Illuminati

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The illuminati uses symbols to cater to the psychology of the public and hence, control their attractiveness towards show bizz and other powers.

  1. The Eye-

    “We are always watching out for you”                                                                                            Read more

  2. The Pyramid-

    “Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil  Money Is The Route To All Freedom”                      Read more

  3. The Light-

    “Follow The Light”                                                                                                                                     Read more

  4. The Eternal Circle-

    “Every human is one part of a larger, eternal design – individual gears in a clock that has no end”    

    Read more

2. Hand Gestures: Illuminati

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There are certain hand gestures that are openly used by the members of the Illuminati as directed by the root movers of this group. These gestures manipulate the mind of the viewer and hence he gets into the circle of the fall.  Some of these are used by on screen actors, some being used by politicians, religious leaders and for a piece of knowledge, it is advocated as a mandate for the members to use these gestures.

3. A conspiracy.. subjective to belief of the reader: Illuminati

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Existence of Illuminati is not factually true. It is on you to realize how it impacts the world and to believe in it or not. Most people believe in this. And logically, this is a logical explanation for things that happen in the world.

Least expected people are also a part of it. It’s getting open in public now, slowly and precise upon step. Why and how do we know about it today, why not 30 years back? It existed then. But we know it today because it wants us to know it’s existence and it’s presence. That’s basically how it rules the world.

Let there be light and shine in your lives and good give thou mind and heart to realize what is good for you.

This interesting hot topic has lot more information secret to us. Keep searching and let us know more if you get to be ‘enlightened’.


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