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Best Cafes And Bistros To Hangout On A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Are your plans for this Sunday also just like all other Sundays – going to the mall, shopping and then the same order at Mc Donald’s or Pizza Hut? Are you bored and tired of the same routine just like us? Then why not change your plans and instead make up plans to visit these cool and cozy cafes and bistros along with your family or friends or even, alone. Just lazing around and reading your favorite book or digging into some gossips on a cup of coffee and good food in a casual laid-back setting – soft music playing in the background – just what Sundays are meant for. Doesn’t that sound much more better and more appealing than visiting the same malls for the 100th time and what a perfect way to end your weekend than hanging out in these places?

Here are some of the best cafes and bistros in Mumbai to hangout at on a lazy Sunday afternoon till late in the evenings – you wouldn’t even realize where the time passed away.

1. Cafe Mondegar : Cafes and Bistros

Where: Colaba

Cafes and Bistros, Hangout Places, Weekend, Cafe Mondegar
Image Source: GQ India

Casually given the name of Mondy, Cafe Mondegar was among the first of many to come restaurant and bars – an Iranian Bistro – and it was the first that housed a Jukebox! It has a reputation of serving fresh beer and with chicken, prawns and bacon delicacies. Bonus – It is located in the Metro House in Colaba Causeway – one of the best places for street shopping in Mumbai. The ambiance is also cozy and welcoming and has a vintage appeal to it and the soft rock songs of the 80’s playing on the jukebox sets and completes the atmosphere for a peaceful and satisfactory evening with your buddies.

2. Kitab Khana : Cafes and Bistros

Where: Fort

Cafes and Bistros, Hangout Places, Weekend, Kitab Khana
Image Source: The City Story

The name itself gives away the theme and motive of this place and with an old-school vibe, Kitab Khana is a treasure for the bibliophiles and book-lovers full with gems and golds in their rich collection of classics and new arrivals. With its neatly organized wooden racks and shelves and even tables of books and books just like it would be in a library,  you will sure fall in love with this place. There is even a cafe situated at the back of the khana named Food for Thought – what a thoughtful name. As the owner says, ‘It is a home away from home’. We could sure spend the whole day here without any second thoughts.

3. Cafe Universal : Cafes and Bistros

Where: Fort

Cafes and Bistros, Hangout Places, Weekend, Cafe Universal
Image Source: TripAdvisor

Cafe Universal is a cafe setback in the old times with a class that is class apart complete with a wooden-beam high ceiling, yellow walls, wooden furniture, a cozy lighting and a retro colonial look. With a bottle of beer, filling burgers like O.M.G. and college buddies to revive old school days, we bet your evening will be super fun and a memorable one at that. Also,if you happen to visit, their sizzlers and coffee are something you should look out for. And it doesn’t end there – the waiters there are super polite and the owner too is very nice. So you are in for a friendly conversation. Plus the costs are also pocket-friendly. Bonus – they have a WiFi connection.

4. Leaping Windows : Cafes and Bistros

Where: Versova, Andheri

Cafes and Bistros, Hangout Places, Weekend, Leaping Cafe
Image Source: Ibb

Leaping Windows is a cafe and a comic library! If you are a person who craves some time alone from the hustle bustle of the city to some quite place, then this is for you folks. A good coffee, some home-style cooking and a good classic comic fixed for you will surely set your mood for the day ahead and you won’t feel lonely or bored for even a second. And if you happen to be here then you should try the Cajun Chicken Burger and Nutella Stuffed Pancake. And the best thing – This place may still serve you a glass of cold milk and a plate of oreo cookies and some jelly sandwiches.  Sigh! And what more? Though the food is a little costly, but they only charge like Rs. 30 for an hour for reading comics.

5. Love and Latte : Cafes and Bistros

Where: Malad, Andheri, Ghatkopar, Mulund, Thane

Cafes and Bistros, Hangout Places, Weekend, Love and Latte
Image Source: Burrp

The number of outlets this place has here in Mumbai itself gives away how great this place is and why you should visit it. With a cozy vibe and a romantic setting, Love and Latte makes up for the perfect date to take your partner to this weekend. Never-ending conversations and a good cup of coffee – doesn’t that sound like a cozy and a lovely date. Though the cafe offers a wide variety of gourmet coffees and espresso, you must try the Vintage Cold Coffee. Love and Latte is also a good place to hangout with your friends while catching the latest news and gossips over some amaziiiiing panini, pizzas and brownies.

6. The Honky Tonk : Cafes and Bistros

Where: Orlem, Malad

Cafes and Bistros, Hangout Places, Weekend, The Honky Tonk
Image Source: Justdial

Who says small cafes or bistros should be avoided? The Honky Tonk  is a cute little bistro in the hearts of the busiest place and streets of Malad – Orlem – with a laid back style and a jazz theme. They serve pints of beer at the price of a Kingfisher Pint at Rs. 92 and Port Wine at just Rs. 72, and screen live sports, too! They are best known for their egg dishes like Andy ka Funda and Pancakes topped with some chocolate syrup. We sure have our evening plans clear in front of us and you should too book your evenings for this place with your pals.

7. Social Beans : Cafes and Bistros

Where: Kandivali

Cafes and Bistros, Hangout Places, Weekend, Social Beans
Image Source: Gluttony Reviews

If you do not prefer to travel far till South Mumbai and plan to just meet up with your friends to pass some time, then you should take a peep at the Social Beans. This cafe will make you feel comfortable with its pretty seating arrangements, vibrant interiors, cozy vibes, the cool comics and graffiti all over the walls and a live screening TV while you chat along with your girls enjoying the last of what seemed like a good weekend  different from your regular routine. We would suggest you to try their Oreo Shake, Chicken Brusseta and the Junglee Sandwich. On weekdays, it is usually quite busy as it is located just next to Thakur College but in evening, it becomes quite and transforms into an adorable place.

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