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Summer Picks To Help You Beat The Heat In Style!

Wondering what to wear this summer? Worry not. Here are top 10 trends to keep you in style

Shopping just got easier, time to get ready for the ideal glam summer!

Summer Picks To Help You Beat The Heat In Style:

1. Primrose Yellow

Yellow is the color of Summer. It not only represents sunshine but also a new beginning.

Nothing better than starting with your pairing up your outfit with a primrose element.

Primrose Yellow
Primrose Yellow

Sante Estilo.

Want to invest in just one clothing? A well fitted blazer than can be worn in a various styles, helping you achieve the perfect summer look.

2. Pale Dogwood

There is a thin line between dull and classy.

It adds a subtle warmth to your wardrobe. Be it a girls day out or summer brunch with your crush, put on a dress and some pearls, there, you’re good to go!

Pale Dogwood
Image Courtesy : Gal meets Glam

Complete Look: Red Valentino Dress- Saint Laurent Clutch- Valentino Pumps-Dior Earrings-Bobbi Brown( Lip gloss-Petal)

light pink, dress,
Image Courtesy : A Piece of Anna


Sheln Dress- Pink High Neck. —->  http://

Sheln Jacket —->

Sheln Bag—–>

Shoes – AmiClubWear —->

Since the color is pale, you need to work on the accessories to balance the sharpness on the whole look. Make sure to pay close detail when choosing shoes, bags and sunglasses.


3. Hazelnut

This color may look similar to the previous one, but there is a vast difference in them.

It brings to mind a mild earthiness and but the irony is you can go mad crazy with your feminine side. All the ladies out there in love with flare and flow, now is the time.

Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Designer : Luulla, UK.

gown, maxi dress
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Sold by : Impressions Online Boutique.

Ditch your LBDs and instead choose a Hazelnut dress and flaunt those curves. You know what to wear on your next Navy Ball, sailors, here we come!


4.Island Paradise

Summer holidays are all about day picnics to beaches, lazing around in the cool blue waters and endless supply of Pina Coladas.

Well now you have one more reason to love summers.

IImage Courtesy : Pinterest
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Phase Eight Madeline Strip Dress.


Image Courtesy : Pinterest
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Caribbean Blue Larimar Earrings

Island Paradise is a breeze of freshness and serenity. It calms your mind and soul adding to relaxation.


We cant really stay around nature all the time even though our hearts want that.
Way to bring nature into the concrete jungle? We have the answer.
This shade for Summer 2017, is a great one to beat the heat.
Feel close to nature.

Image Courtesy : Wendy's LookBook
Image Courtesy : Wendy’s Look-book

Greenery Dress – Wendy Nguyen

Image Courtesy : Shoespie
Image Courtesy : Shoes pie


Its a mild color which suits every complexion, and you don’t have to worry about the accessories as the basic colors go along very well. Beige, Black and White to the rescue.


Say it with your personality. Our dressing and body language, the way we carry our outfits and the choices say a lot about us. Keep it in mind this summer too.
The colour Flame is the right amount of hotness you need for you to be the center of attraction of any evening.

Image Courtesy : Pinterest
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Diana Ajih

Image Courtesy : Vogue India
Image Courtesy : Vogue India

Saloni – Flame, Vogue Summer Spring 2017.
Pick a Flame dress or playsuit, dab some lipstick, and you’re going to win the world.

7.Pink Yarrow

There was a time when Fuschia pink was trending. Gone are the days.
Its time to raise the bar, get bolder and pick up the color you always saw your favorite celebrities wear. They looked pretty, didnt they? So will you.
Pink Yarrow is an amazing shade in the summer 2017 pallette, it will not only boost your confidence, but also keep you away from the heat and falling trends.

Image Courtesy : Pinterest
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Designer : Hermes

Image Courtesy : Christian Louboutin
Image Courtesy : Christian Louboutin

Pro Tip : Choose a Pink Yarrow chiffon saree to work with light earrings and delicate footwear. Not a fan of sarees? Flair pants to the rescue. Retro fashion is always in!


Waterfall represents coolness, flow and strength. The color Niagara is inspired from the Niagara falls.
This Summer, dont let the heat melt you and your energy. Keep going and flowing, gushing with the direction, just like Niagara in style!

Image Courtesy : Pinterest
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Brand : Lulus.


Image Courtesy : Pinterest
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Diana Ajih.

Either you can choose a flowy dress or a well fitted peplum, depending on your body type and occasion. Team it with minimalist jewellery.


Kale is fresh and healthy. Something we all need to stay throughout this summer.
Why not include kale in our wardrobe along with our diet?

Image Courtesy : Vogue
Image Courtesy : Vogue

Beautiful Kale dresses by Designer Slynie Millstein.

Image Courtesy : Vogue
Image Courtesy : Vogue

Designer : Slynie Millstein
The best part? You have no limitations. Add an element of Kale to your outfit, be it accesories or make up, and summer is going to be jealous of you.

10. Lapis Blue

Blue represents confidence and wisdom.
Summer heat can really drain you physically and mentally.
Do you know that if you dress well your mind tricks your body into feeling good? Thats right.
Turn your Monday blues into Lapis Blues and see them fade away.

Image Courtesy : Pinterest
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Wendy Nguyen- Wendy’s Look-book.

Paige Jeans-Rebecca Minkoff Bag-Malene Birger Sweater-Stila (Fiery) Lip color.

Saloni- Vogue India, Summer 2017.


Summer, blue
Image Courtesy : Vogue India

Make sure you stick to nude shades in make up and accessories if you dont feel as confident.

Now that you know what to look for, keeps your eyes on details and the color palette to look your best!

Stay Summery, Stay Stylish!

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