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Paris: 10 Interesting Facts About The Magical Capital Of France

Being the most interesting city of Europe, this city has us in a magical trance – doesn’t matter if you have visited it or not. For a girl like me who is always broke, well I could do anything but just wonder about the Capital of France in my daydreams. But I would without any doubt say that Paris would be the perfect get-away for a fun break if it was as easy as jumping on a plan and running away. The air there itself smells of sweet romance, adventures, untraveled roads, morning coffees, and baked goods – a fresh warm atmosphere that would do your flesh and soul good. The city welcomes everyone with open arms and makes them feel at home.

Here are some interesting facts about The Magical City Of Love, Paris.

1. La Ville Lumière / City of Lights.

 Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest

In the night time, this place turns from a regular tourist place to a magical land straight from one of the fairytales.  There are even spots from where we can see the whole city – and it is a sight to behold. Though, the city got this name because of the illuminating sight that Paris becomes at the night time, it is also because of the talent this city holds – artist, intellectuals, writers, academics, and more.

2. City of Love.

Paris, Paris Facts, City of lights, Eiffel Tower
Image Source: Travel with a mate

It has the most romantic spots and sights to spend a memorable date with your soul-mate. And it is the most sought after destination for honeymoons. And everyone knows about ‘love-locking’ bridges.

3. Paris has only one stop sign

In the whole span of the city they have only setup one stop sign which is also stolen often – situated at the exit of a building. They work on the principle that whoever is on the right side of the cross road gets the ‘right-of-way’. Hmmm…

4. The world’s most iconic and most visited monument, Eiffel Tower, was going to be demolished after 20 years of its establishment

Paris, Paris Facts, City of Light, Eiffel Tower
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In 1889, the tower was commemorated only to mark 100 years of French Revolution and end of Bastile and it was decided by the Government to destroy after 20 years. Though the designer, Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, proved that it was more than just a monument – an attraction – when he setup an antenna atop the tower to send and receive messages which came very handy to the military during the war.

5. You could easily get lost it.

It is estimated that there are the city has just about 6,100 streets. Whoa! But even if you do get lost, it is worth because even the nooks and corners of the city has beauty in it

 6. Centuries ago, this city was not know as Paris but ‘Lutetia’ – a Roman City.

7. There is a replica of Statue of Liberty – a smaller version – right in the middle of River Seine signifying the friendly bond between USA and France.

Paris, Paris Facts, City of lights, Eiffel Tower
Image Source: Wikimapia

8. Point Neuf or ‘New Bridge’ is apparently the oldest bridge of Paris.

9.  You will sure find a cafe, bakery or even an open-terrace restaurant even if you are the at the farthest end of Paris

Paris, Paris Facts, City of lights, Eiffel Tower
Image Source: France Travel Guide

Its no secret that the locals are famous for their baguettes, croissants, coffee, Crème brûlée, Éclair and cheese. And where there are food there are bakeries, cafes and restaurants. There are about 1,784 bakeries and 9,057 open terrace restaurants, bars and cafes

10. The city is host to more dogs than kids. People say that some 300,00 dogs live here. Well if this is true, then can someone get me a permanent visa and a ticket to this la la land.

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