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Best Comedians From The Good Old Days

Comedy is an innate art that comes from the core of the heart of a person. We love the way Bollywood actors smoothly drifted us through healthy comedy and built a sense of fun and zeal in the halls of our imaginative minds. Let’s look at some of the shining comedians of good old days in Bollywood cinema.

1. Jagdeep

He has had best of the dialogues in most of the famous movies and has mastered them all. We love him and his lovely and adorable diction.

Humara naam surma bhopali yaisayii nai hai

jagdeep , comedians , old bollywood comedians
Image Source: YouTube

2. Mehmood

His performance in “Padosan” was remarkable and can never be forgotten. *chatur naar kar ke singaar*. Man with such a diction, is surely an artist.

mehmood , comedian
Image Source: Indiatimes

3. Keshto Mukherjee

His acting as a drunkard (bewda) has been the most entertaining and his expressions, as depicted in the picture below, were too funny to-not-to enact and mimic them.  

Image Sorce: alchetron
Image Source: Alchetron

4. Johny Walker

He has his name best imbibed in movie Shikar, as Teju and his song Malesh…tel malesh.

Image Source: madhulikaliddle
Image Source: madhulikaliddle

5. Asrani

He is an all time favorite actor with his remarkability in Sholay and many more as to recite. But as we would understand, his comedy bloomed in the picture Sholay. *Hum angrezon ke zamane ke Jailor hain*.

Image Source: 4to40
Image Source: 4to40

6. Rajendra Nath

His style of “Ohho” was really special and we just can’t get over it. Also, his role in “Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai” as Popat Lal is unforgettable.

Image Source: Nettv4u
Image Source: NetTV4U

7. I. S. Johar

“Johny Mera Naam” had a super cast like I. S. Johar who made the movie so much interesting. Hence an actor with abilities to test alcohol.  *giggles*. He also won the 1971: Best Comedian award for the same movie.

I. S.Johar , comedy , comedians
Image Source: cscottrollins

Yes, these actors truly make us realize the true essence of humor and comedy and we really admire them for their abilities and success in doing so. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more such posts and you can also download our app to stay updated: Tell Me NothingTill then, happy reading.

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