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These Girly Tattoos Will Make You Itch To Get Yourself Inked ASAP

Tattoos have become a craze – everyone is thinking of getting inked. The number of tattoo parlours in Mumbai are a witness to this craze. For a  matter of fact, tattooing has been in our tradition since ancient times. If you ever happen to visit the villages of Rajasthan or Saurashtra, you will see the women have various tattoos on their hands and back. The tattoos mostly signified some of their traditions and symbols. Now-a-days, everyone prefers to get inked permanently – it maybe a tattoo of something very close to their heart or just some designs and patterns – but it sure will never go out of trend. So you needn’t worry that some 5 years down the lane you will have to hide or cover up your tattoos. And you surely needn’t afraid of the pain or think twice about getting inked – ’cause ‘No pain, No gain’. So here we are with some quirky but elegant girly tattoo ideas that will make you think of getting inked as soon as possible

Here are some interesting tattoos:

1.  The ‘Project Semi-colon’

The semi-colon tattoo was in the talks a while ago when it stirred a strong movement in the society to look at mental illness in a different light and not something to be ashamed or embarrassed of. Though it just started as a normal tattoo which people would draw and photograph, it gradually got a deeper meaning as a social media movement signified the tattoo as a hope for the people suffering from depression, self-harm, bipolar disease or any other mental illness that they are loved and needed by the society. Though this movement was started long ago in 2013, why should we stop spreading such awareness or not contribute in such movements. Infact, we should have more such movements to change our society’s perspective.
tattoos, quirky, elegant, ink
Show that you are brave, you are a fighter, you are a warrior with this elegant tattoo. Don’t they say ‘Wear your emotions on your sleeve’ or was it your heart? Anyways, the point is maybe this is the best way to wear them.

tattoos, quirky, elegant, ink

2. For the love of a good cup of tea or coffee

These tattoos are for the people whose day does not start if they do not have their morning cup of coffee or tea. Be it a headache or a stressful day or an important meeting, a steaming cup is all they need to face all the challenges.
tattoos, quirky, elegant, ink
If you are getting a tattoo for the first time and are a little apprehensive whether it will look good or not than you can sure opt for such tattoos.

tattoos, quirky, elegant, ink

3. For the person who is an insomniac

These tattoos can be a good way to show your love-hate relationship with the night time and that you are a insomniac and there is nothing wrong about.
tattoos, quirky, elegant, ink
It can also signify that you adore the moon and stars and can spend the whole night just gazing at them.

tattoos, quirky, elegant, ink

4. For the girl who believes in fairytales

If you are the girl who never gets tired of Disney movies – who believes that no one is ever too old to watch a disney movie – than these tattoo designs are for you.
tattoos, quirky, elegant, ink
Show your love for the magical creatures and the more magical disney movies through this dreamy unicorn tattoo.

tattoos, quirky, elegant, ink

5. For the girl who loves beaches and summer

If you are a girl who always runs back to the water and wish you could settle by the sea shore forever and ever, than appreciate the nature’s gift through these colourful tattoos. Spread the summer vibes and beach vibes with this cute waves themed
tattoos, quirky, elegant, ink
All your friends will envy and adore this dolphin tattoo while you are out chilling with them on a vacation by the seaside.

tattoos, quirky, elegant, ink

6. Capture-worthy or just for fun

If you are looking for something that is capture-worthy for your posts or that will set people thinking than this quirky but cool tattoos are for you.
tattoos, quirky, elegant, ink
Go bold and edgy with this strange but quirky tattoo of a hanger. What was the person thinking? Well doesn’t matter – ’cause the end result is pretty cool.
tattoos, quirky, elegant, ink

Wouldn’t you just keep on staring at these tattoos if you got one of these inked on your skin? It sure makes me itch to go and find out a tattoo parlour right now. What about you? Mention in the comment section what would you like to get inked your body.

All Images Sourced from Pinterest

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