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Here’s How You Can Prevent Malaria On World Malaria Day

Every year 25th April is celebrated as World Malaria Day and India is one country that needs to take this day seriously as hundreds of people die due to Malaria every year. So today we bring you information about Malaria including what it is, symptoms and prevention and care. Do read this post till the end and spread awareness about it for the same. You might just save someone’s life in future.

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What Is Malaria?

Malaria is a parasitic infection spread by Anopheles mosquitoes. The Plasmodium parasite that causes malaria is neither a virus nor a bacterium – it is a single-celled parasite that multiplies in red blood cells of humans as well as in the mosquito intestine.

In simple words it is an infection that slowly spreads through your body and multiplies in your blood cells until your body is under the grip of this parasite. The parasites multiply in the liver and the bloodstream of the infected person. The parasite may be taken up by another mosquito when it bites an infected person. The mosquito is then infected for the duration of its life and can infect other humans when it bites them.

However, contrary to popular belief Malaria is NOT contagious, it cannot spread from human to human, the only way to get affected by Malaria is through a mosquito bite though is a pregnant woman is suffering from it then there are high chances of the baby being affected by the parasite.

What Are The Symptoms?

malaria, malaria day, signs, symptoms, fever, health, precautions, safety, health issues
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Malaria symptoms can be often ignored especially in the initial stages of the diagnosis. However if the signs are ignored constantly then the state of the infected person can become deathly and very fragile. it is important to look into the symptoms and consult the doctors as soon as possible. Some signs of malaria include high fever, with no particular pattern, the fever may come and go and have no specific pattern to it. Apart from fever the person may also face chills, sweat, anemia, weakness, tiredness, fatigue, cough, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, muscle and joint pain and headache. These are some common symptoms which may differ due to the species of the mosquito. However, P. falciparum causes a particularly severe form of malaria, this includes additional complications and health issues including severe anemia caused by destruction of the red blood cells, yellow skin discoloration, kidney failure, coma or death.

What Are The Measures Of Prevention and Treatment?

malaria, malaria day, signs, symptoms, fever, health, precautions, safety, health issues
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First of all, if you face any of the symptoms then it is highly recommended to get tested by a doctor, the only way to confirm malaria is though a blood test as the parasite if found under a microscopic lens. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the parasite hence, repeated checks and diagnosis is needed to confirm.

Malaria can be treated and cured if the symptoms are recognized in the initial stages of the infection. There are various medicines and treatments available everywhere to curb malaria. However one needs to take precautions to prevent it especially if you stay at a mosquito infected area. You can prevent malaria through the following way:

1) Install Mosquito nets:

Let’s be real, these  mosquito coils may or may not work (speaking from experience) There, it is better to install mosquito nets in your home to avoid mosquitoes entering your home.

2) Use Mosquito creams:

Using mosquito creams on your body will provide you with protection. It is a must, especially for children. You can even use those electric mosquito bats, that’ll definitely kill those.

3) Prevent water stagnation:

A lot of female mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant and dirty water. This only adds to more mosquito species and this needs to stop. Proper gutter systems and hygiene needs to be maintained.

4) Seek medical attention:

If you find any of the above mentioned symptoms then seek medical attention immediately.

4) Spread the word:

The best way to prevent malaria from spreading around is to educate people about it. Many poor and illiterate people who may not know the importance of prevention and care die every year due to lack of knowledge. Hence. it is important to spread the word about this.

Let’s be safe from such harmful disease and live a healthy life. Today TMN wishes you all to have a safe, healthy life on this Malaria Day. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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